Inter-club Competition (Milpitas vs. Concord on 5/9/2004)

Congratulations to Peter, Stanley and Mark who represented Milpitas in the inter-club competition. Thanks to Surya at Concord club organized a great event and graciously posted the results. I think the rivalry is on. They will come to Milpitas for their revenge soon. We will need players to step up to defend Milpitas. (More rating divisions and date will be announced later.)

Also, thanks to our three players who kindly donated their prize to the new-table fund. ($30)


P.S. Here is Surya's writeup:
Concord club gave a gutsy performance but fell short in the first inter club league [1600 - 1800 division] against Milpitas club. The matches were played at the Concord Club.

Concord club was represented by Michael Ramirez [1703], Kent Leung [1691] and David Smith [1678].
Milpitas club was represented by Peter Tsang [1793], Stanley Sun [1749] and Mark Johnson [1698].
Michael Ramirez of Concord Club played great winning all his 3 singles matches and one of his doubles match. Milpitas club played good doubles winning 2 out of 3 matches.

After dueling it out for two and a half hours, both clubs were tied on matches 6-6. Going to the games, tied again at 24-24. It could not get any closer than this. Going to the points, Milpitas came out ahead 450-444. Milpitas club won by 6 points.

Scores are as follows:
Michael Ramirez over Stanley Sun 10, 10, -8, -12, 6
Kent Leung over Peter Tsang 1, 4, -7, 5
Mark Johnson over David Smith -7, -9, 3, 1, 12
Peter Tsang/Stanley Sun over Michael Ramirez/Kent Leung -4,-10, 6,9,9
Peter Tsang over David Smith 7, 9, 5
Kent Leung over Mark Johnson 8,8,8
Michael Ramirez over Peter Tsang -7, 1, 10, 6
Stanley Sun/Mark Johnson over Kent Leung/David Smith -8,7,8,7
Stanley Sun over David Smith 5, 7, 6
Michael Ramirez over Mark Johnson 10, 6, 10
Stanley Sun over Kent Leung 5, -7, 5, 8
Michael Ramirez/David Smith over Peter Tsang/Mark Johnson 7,9,-5,-9,16

All in all, it was a great inter-club league play.

Surya & Reshma [Concord Club]

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