[announcement] 6/25/2004

1. Bruce Liu and Gary Alcares both won their round robin groups undefeated.
2. Financial status:
$20 from Peter Tsang's wife Elisa Tsang
$15 from ball sales (Ron $6, Hermann $3, Frank $3, Hsu $3)
$30 from round robins (10 players)

$8.5 for balls

The balance is $267.65.
3. We need volunteers on one of the Fridays in July for our new tables. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks.

4. Three players from Concord club will visit us on 7/10. They will play with our players Stanley Sun, Mark Johnson, and Peter Tsang. Our club beat them last time in Concord by a very small margin. It is gonna be a tough fight.

We will arrange inter-club competition for different levels in the future. Please let me know if you are interested in participating. They will use two tables on 7/10. There will be no round robin that day. (Open play still available)


1. Dennis Ong and Gary Fang were both undefeated and won their respective round robin.

2. We now accept reservation for the weekly round robin. Please send me email if you want to participate. This can speed up the process and hopefully get more entrants. Please remember that the round robin will start at 2:30.

3. There is tournament this coming Saturday. (6/17/2004) Quite a few players will be there. Therefore, I don't think MSC will be very crowded. Please come. We need at least 30 people to cover the rent.

4. Financial updates:

$9 for 3 boxes of balls by Ron Wallace
$70 for 5 t-shirts
$36 round robin fee
* There could be a box or two ball sales but I lost the piece of paper that I wrote down all transactions on Saturday. Please let me know if I missed anything.

$10.2 cost of balls
$1710 paid for two butterfly tables

So, we have only $211.15 in the fund. We still have some short-term expenses such as renting a truck to get the new tables and to return the two Andro tables to Palo Alto. Oh, yeah! We only paid one-month rent for the two tables. Will need to pay for the second and third month. ($30 per month)

5. Please check out the new contributor list page. If you have business want to promote, you are welcome to do so. Also, I think we can use some non-cash contribution as our round robin prize, if you have any idea or connection, please let me know. Of course, cash donation is always welcome as well.:-)


1. We cancelled our round robin for two weeks now because we did not have enough people show up by 2:30 PM. Please come early if you intend to participate in the round robin. It is fun. You get to play with players of your level. Oh, yeah, by the way, we need the money to pay the rent of the tables as well as buy new tables.
2. Financial updates:

$10 for 3 boxes of balls by Ron Wallace
$2 contribution by Ron Wallace for his book sale
$40 contribution by Mozhi Yu
$9 for 3 boxes of balls by Paul Chang
$30 contribution by Simon Ng
$10 contribution by Peter Tsang
$780.25 for 55 t-shirts

$10.2 cost of balls
$505.74 cost of 60 t-shirt (five haven't been picked up and paid yet)

The balance for our new table fund is $1816.35. (as of 6/5/2004) We will spend $1710 + shipping for two new tables soon which will probably use all the money we have. As I said before, Gary Alcares will buy three tables to replace the two Joola tables. So we will have one extra table to use once those tables arrive. He will let us use his 7 tables until mid 2006. When the time comes, we have to come up with money to buy our own tables. Thanks to all who contributed. However, we need more money in the future. Don't be shy to talk to me!:-)

Lost and Found

Anybody lost a sweat shirt? It has been in the net set box for a few weeks. Here is the picture of the shirt.

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