1. We cancelled our round robin for two weeks now because we did not have enough people show up by 2:30 PM. Please come early if you intend to participate in the round robin. It is fun. You get to play with players of your level. Oh, yeah, by the way, we need the money to pay the rent of the tables as well as buy new tables.
2. Financial updates:

$10 for 3 boxes of balls by Ron Wallace
$2 contribution by Ron Wallace for his book sale
$40 contribution by Mozhi Yu
$9 for 3 boxes of balls by Paul Chang
$30 contribution by Simon Ng
$10 contribution by Peter Tsang
$780.25 for 55 t-shirts

$10.2 cost of balls
$505.74 cost of 60 t-shirt (five haven't been picked up and paid yet)

The balance for our new table fund is $1816.35. (as of 6/5/2004) We will spend $1710 + shipping for two new tables soon which will probably use all the money we have. As I said before, Gary Alcares will buy three tables to replace the two Joola tables. So we will have one extra table to use once those tables arrive. He will let us use his 7 tables until mid 2006. When the time comes, we have to come up with money to buy our own tables. Thanks to all who contributed. However, we need more money in the future. Don't be shy to talk to me!:-)

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