[announcement] 07/26/2004

  1. Bruce Liu won the 6-player round robin. Check the results here.

  2. Here is the log on the day of table moving.

  3. Financial status:

    $18 from the round robin
    $2 donation (John Huang)
    $135.55 (Ron Wallace volunteered to cover the truck rental)

    $135.55 truck rental
    $29.72 gas
    $8.6 tools
    $60 two-month rent for tables to Palo Alto club

    Balance: $229.63 as of this week.

  4. I think we should give Ron a round of applause. Without his contribution, our balance would have been less than one hundred. If you like poem, do not forget to have a look at his book.

[announcement] 7/19/2004

  1.  NCCAF tournament on 7/17/2004

    • Team Yahoo! won the Hi-Tech Team event. Four players play in MSCTT. (Tran Bui, Ming Zhang, Dennis Ong, and Bruce Liu)

    • Dennis Ong won the second place in Men's Open.

    • Felicia Ong, Dennis Ong's sister, won the second place in Women's team, second place in Women's singles, and third place in Mixed Doubles. (with Dennis Ong)

    • Jerome Poon made the semi-final in the Over 50 event.

    • Carrie Huang made the final in the Women's event.

  2. 5th Concord Doubles Tournament on 7/18/2004

    • Mark Johnson, aka The Upsetter, along with his partner Victor Qiu, won the first place in B division. They ranked last amongst eight teams in Division B before the tournament. However, they managed to upset all seven teams to win the division.

    • Ming Zhang and Bruce ranked six in division A. They had two upsets to move up two places to fourth.
    • For complete detailed results, visit http://www.concordtabletennis.com.

  3. We have 9 tables now. We've returned two rental Andro's to Palo Alto and moved two Joola's to Gary's storage and replaced them with 5 brand new Butterfly Centrofold 25 Sky tables. Hopefully, this will at least ease the crowdedness a little bit.

  4. For convenience, we will re-arrange and label the tables by numbers starting next week. Table 1, 2, and 3 will be used as round robin tables. 4 will be doubles table. 5 will be practice tables. 6, 7, 8, and 9 will be for open play.

  5. Please read the label on the new tables when setting them up. Two people are required to set up the table for safety sake.


[announcement] 07/10/2004

  1. Milpitas beat the visiting team from Concord. Here are the result and photos.

  2. Randy Han won the weekly round robin on 7/3/2004. Check the result here.

  3. Financial status
    Incoming: $18 from 7/3 round robin, $24 from 7/10 team competition
    Expenses: $1.7 for 1 box of balls.

    Balance as of 7/10/2004: $307.95.

[announcement] 7/6/2004

  1. 2004 US Open Results

    • Ming Zhang: U1900 Champion, U2050 8's, U3200 Doubles semi-final

    • Jim Chai: U2050 semi-final

    • Bruce H. Liu: Over 40 Hardbat semi-final

    • Pictures are available here. The Butterfly Centrefold 25 Sky Rollaway is the table we will get soon.

  2. The league result for 7/3/2004 will be up soon.

ICC California State Open Videos/Slideshows

Chen Longcan and Xiao Wei Footage