[announcement] 8/21/2004

  1. Please be aware that we had a couple of email viruses lately. Please do not open any attachment from our mailing list.

  2. Weekly Round Robin
    • Group 1: First time comer Sanjeev Tenneti beat up every one and won the group. (only lost a game to Gary Alcares)

    • Group 2: Gary Fang went undefeated to win group 2.

  3. If you want to participate in the weekly round robin, please come as early as possible because we have to start at 2:30. If you can't come before 2:30 to sign up, you can send me an email to reserve your spot. Once you reserve, please show up.
  4. Mark Johnson offers to loan his DVD's of 47th World Table Tennis Championships to MSC players. There are 3 DVD's. It will be free. However, we gladly accept donations for the future equipment purchase. ($5 per DVD per week recommended) Please send me email to reserve the DVD. (one DVD at a time for a week)

  5. Financial status:

    $30: round robin
    $40: clinics ($10 each from Jason, Harld, Kevin, and Wayne)
    $47: donation from Hermann Luechinger($25), Kevin Nomura($10), Paul Li($2), Tong Gao($10)
    $3.40: two boxes of balls for round robin prize
    $45: fixed three broken barriers. (re-soldered)

    Balance: $633.83

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