[announcement] 9/11/2004

  1. Ming Zhang won table 1 again! Gary Fang won table 2. I think Gary should play table 1 next time. He has won table 2 several times now. (for some USATT League software glitches, the USATT League rating for MSC has been updated up to 8/14/2004 only)

  2. Financial Status:

    $30: weekly round robin
    $270: clinic (Tetsuro $40, Suat $40, Kevin $40, Aldo $40, $Randy $40, Jason $40, Hisao $20, Peter $10)
    $19: DVD contribution (Paul $4, Gary $5, Kevin $5, Patrick $5)

    Balance: $1012.73

  3. Again, thanks to Mark Johnson, we have a few DVD's available. (47th World Championships) If you want to watch it, please send me an email to reserve it.
    The list of the matches is here.

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