[announcement] 9/18/2004

  1. Congratulations to Michael Liu who won U1700 and U1900 at the Reno-sparks Biggest Little TT Tournament. Michael only entered two event and was undefeated throughout the whole tournament.

  2. Congratulations to Patrick Wu and Yufeng Li who won Table 1 and Table 2 respectively on the weekly round robin.

  3. I heard that it was more crowded than usual on 9/18. I think it was temporary. Palo Alto club was closed that day. In any case, we are trying something creative to improve the situation. Because of the storage limitation, we thought we were limited to 9 tables. However, Gary Alcares measured the space we had and thought we might be able to squeeze in two extra tables. Guess what? It got approved by the city. (with the help of our attendant Steve) However, they do not have budget for table tennis as usual. I am working on the deal to have two more tables. Our fund is close to buy two more. I think we may need to have a club t-shirt sale to raise the money. Let me know if you are interested in buying Milpitas table tennis t-shirt. Some people missed it last time. Please send email to bay_tt@yahoo.com and specify the size and how many you want. It is around $15 per t-shirt. Stay tune!

  4. There will be NO clinic on 9/25/2004. Therefore, we can use three tables for the weekly round robin. There will be 15 spots available this week. Please come early if you want to participate. We will start at 2:30 PM sharp. If you arrive at 2:30, most likely you won't get a spot. First come first serve. If you can't come early and can only arrive at 2:30, send me an email to reserve a spot. Please try to keep your reservation.

  5. Financial status:

    $30: weekly round robin
    $17: DVD contribution (Patrick $7, Frank $5, CC Lin $5)
    $6: sales of two boxes of balls
    $6.80: four boxes of balls

    Balance: $1052.93

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