[announcement] 9/25/2004

  1. Congratulations to Stanley Sun (+85), Wen Huang (+28), and Wuxing Gan (+258) who won table 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
  2. We will have only 10 spots for the Weekly Round Robin next week. (10/2/2004) Some people arrived at 2:15 today and could not get a spot. (and we had 15 spots this week) So, do not wait, send me email to reserve your spot if you want to play. First come first serve.
  3. We had a quiet Champion who won U1550 event at Western Open. He also won several of our weekly round robin. His USATT rating jumped 126 points to 1533 after the tournament. Congratulations to Gary!
  4. Financial status:
    $45: round robin
    $10: clinic (Carrie Huang)
    $6: Ron bought two boxes of balls
    $6.80: four boxes of balls (two for sale, two for prize)
    Balance: $1107.13

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