Western Open and Financial Status (9/8/2004)

  • Congratulations to Sanjeev Tenneti, Felicia Ong, Ming Zhang, and Raymond Yip for their great performance at the Western Open in Fremont.

  • Sanjeev Tenneti: U1850 Champion

  • Felicia Ong: U4200 Doubles Champion (with Soon Lim). Also upset an over 2100 player in U2125 singles event.

  • Ming Zhang: U2000 sem- final and U2125 quarter-final

  • Raymond Yip: U1850 quarter-final (upset the #1 seed of the event) Coach Chai should be very proud since Raymond only took two lessons from him.:)

  • Financial status:
    $30: round robin (10 players)
    $40: DVD contributions (Randy Han $10, Aldo Adriaan $20, Kevin Namura $10)
    $55: Clinic contributions (Tetsuro Hirouji $20, Suat Hirouji $10, Raymond Yip $5, Hien Nguyen $10, Teng Gao $10)
    $6: two boxes of balls
    $5.10: three boxes of balls
    $41.00: 24 dozens practice balls
    $35.00: one ball catching net for the clinics
    Balance: $693.73

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