[announcement] 10/30/2004

  1. NO TABLE TENNIS ON 11/6/2004 due to other events at MSC. See you on 11/13/2004.
  2. Congratulations to Simon Ng and Wuxing Gan who won our weekly round robin on table 1 and table 2, respectively. Click here for full results. 640 matches have been played since we started the weekly round robin.
  3. The next 4-session clinic will start on 11/13. Only 6 spots are available and 4 have been reserved. You will take a one-hour session per week with another player for four consecutive weeks. Thanks to coach Jim Chai, a USATT certified regional coach, donates his time to offer this free clinic. However, $10 per session contribution will be appreciated for purchasing equipment in the future. Please send me email if you are interested.
  4. We are not allowed to sell anything at MSC. However, quite a few people asked me about equipments. If you need help on equipments, please talk to David Hanson directly. His email is alphapong@yahoo.com.
  5. Financial position:
    $30: from the round robin
    $2: from Alex Varady
    $50: from clinic (Carrie Huang $10, Frank Deng $10, Lisa Liang $10, and Peter Wang $20)
    $15: Michael Wong $10 and Jeff Xue $5 for DVD's
    $1.70: prize for the round robin
    Balance: $1,467.13

Msctt'ers on the Web

Check it out at http://www.usatt.org/tip_photo/102504.shtml. No, Peter Chen does not play at MSC. Can you identify two of Msctt'ers in the picture?

[announcement] 10/23/2004

  1. Please observe the two-out rule on the open play tables. The winner will step down after he/she wins the second match. There are simply too many people waiting. Please share.
  2. Congratulations to Ming Zhang, Raymond Yip, and Han Cho who won our weekly round robin for table 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Click here for the full results.
  3. Again, please sign-up the round robin by email. We will only have two tables on 10/30. It is almost full already. Email me to sign up. First come first serve. If you don't get a spot for the week you want, you will have higher priority on the following week.
  4. For new comers, the week round robin is free. However, you need to sign up in advance. $3 contribution is appreciated.
  5. We still have a spot for the clinic on 10/30/2004. (one-hour session with another player) Please let me know if you are interested. Note that two players in the same session will take turns picking up balls. Please do not leave until the whole session is over.
  6. The next 4-week clinic will start on 11/13/2004. You get to sign up for four weeks in a row. You will share a one-hour session with one player. (30 minutes each) Thanks to coach Chai, the clinic is free. However, we appreciate if you donate $40 if you participate. The contribution will be used to buy new equipment.
  7. Financial position:
    $45: from the weekly round robin
    $5: Percy Pan for DVD
    $5: Ming Zhang for DVD
    $3: Ron Wallace for a box of balls
    $5.10: two boxes balls for round robin prize and one box for Ron's contribution
    Balance: $1371.83

[announcement] 10/16/2004

  1. Congratulations to Patrick Wu and Russell Gulman who won our weekly round robin for table 1 and table 2, respectively. Click here for other results.
  2. Coach Chai will take one week off on 10/23/2004. The clinic will resume on 10/30/2004. We still have 3 half-hour sessions available on that day. Please let me know if you are interested. The clinics are free - thanks to coach Chai, a USATT State certified coach. However, a $10 contribution for new tables recommended. (and appreciated)
  3. Quite a few people who wanted to play today's round robin but were turned away due to lack of slots. Sorry about that. We will have 3 tables for round robin on 10/23/2004. Please sign up as soon as possible through email. First come first serve. The round robin is free but $3 contribution for new tables are appreciated.
  4. For new comers' information, the City does not have budget for tables. All tables in MSC were donated by earlier players. Six of the tables are leased and will be returned by the end of September, 2006. We will need money to buy seven tables by then. There is absolutely no obligation to contribute but if you do, you will be appreciated.:-) Right now, we have money for about one and half tables.
  5. We will stop selling balls. But if you donate $3, you will get 3 high quality ones.:-)
  6. Financial position:
    $40: Karl Cheong, Ivan Hung, Wayne Wong, and Lisa Liang for clinic
    $10: Gary Alcares (5) and Percy Pan (5) for DVD's
    $30: round robin
    $30: Gary Alcare just gave me $30 for no reason.:-)
    $12: 4 boxes of balls. (Simon 1, Hermann 2, Jerome 1)
    $8.50: 5 boxes of balls (one for RR prize)
    Balance: $1318.93

[announcement] 10/9/2004

  1. Congratulations to Nelson Yu and Ron Wallace who won our weekly round robin on table 1 and table 2, respectively. (Thanks to David Hanson who contributed two racket cases for the winners of the round robin.)
  2. Again, please reserve your spot by email if you want to play our weekly round robin.
  3. 570 matches have been played since we started our round robin on 10/11/2003.
  4. congratulations to Mark Johnson who did well in Sacramento tournament beating 4 higher rated players. Bruce Liu made U2000 final in San Diego tournament but only beat one higher rated player.
  5. Newly arrived! The movie "Ping Pong" is available for players to check out.
  6. Bad news! For safety reason, MSC does not allow us to have more tables. (too close to the side of the basketball court) However, they did promise that when they renovate the facility, they would consider more storage space for table tennis.
  7. Financial status:
    $30: round robin
    $5: Patrick Wu for DVD
    $5: Desong Liu for clinic
    $5: Peter Wang for clinic
    Balance: $1205.43

[announcement] 10/2/2004

  1. Congratulations to Patrick Wu and Rodulfo Lee who won the weekly round robin for table 1 and 2, respectively.
  2. We had the longest round robin on table 1 this week. The table did not finish until 6:00! There were 4 5-gamers and only two 3-gamers. The match of the week was Michael Liu vs. Gary Alcares. Michael lost Gary at 9:11, 15:17, 20:18, 16:14, and 12:14. There were four deuces and the total point counts were 72:74! What a match! Michael also lost to Patrick Wu at 11:7, 7:11, 11:8, 8:11, and 8:11. (45:48!)
  3. Gary Alcares upset Michael Liu and Paul Chang and gained 243 points!
  4. David Hanson will bring some table tennis product to MSC next week. If you need something, please go talk to David. His website is http://www.alphapong.com/.
  5. Again, the weekly round robin is very popular now. Please sign up early go get a spot. We will have 10 spots next week and 4 are already reserved. Please send email to me to reserve the spot if you want to participate.
  6. We are in the process to get two more tables. However, we are still short of money. If you have a rich uncle or work for a company who may want to help out, please do not hesitate to contact them.:-) Any amount will be appreciated.
  7. Financial position:
    $10: Patrick Wu for clinic
    $15: for DVD. (Michael Liu $5, Mr. Yin $5, Percy Pan $5)
    $30: weekly round robin
    $1.70: 1 box of balls for prize

ICC California State Open Videos/Slideshows

Chen Longcan and Xiao Wei Footage