[announcement] 10/16/2004

  1. Congratulations to Patrick Wu and Russell Gulman who won our weekly round robin for table 1 and table 2, respectively. Click here for other results.
  2. Coach Chai will take one week off on 10/23/2004. The clinic will resume on 10/30/2004. We still have 3 half-hour sessions available on that day. Please let me know if you are interested. The clinics are free - thanks to coach Chai, a USATT State certified coach. However, a $10 contribution for new tables recommended. (and appreciated)
  3. Quite a few people who wanted to play today's round robin but were turned away due to lack of slots. Sorry about that. We will have 3 tables for round robin on 10/23/2004. Please sign up as soon as possible through email. First come first serve. The round robin is free but $3 contribution for new tables are appreciated.
  4. For new comers' information, the City does not have budget for tables. All tables in MSC were donated by earlier players. Six of the tables are leased and will be returned by the end of September, 2006. We will need money to buy seven tables by then. There is absolutely no obligation to contribute but if you do, you will be appreciated.:-) Right now, we have money for about one and half tables.
  5. We will stop selling balls. But if you donate $3, you will get 3 high quality ones.:-)
  6. Financial position:
    $40: Karl Cheong, Ivan Hung, Wayne Wong, and Lisa Liang for clinic
    $10: Gary Alcares (5) and Percy Pan (5) for DVD's
    $30: round robin
    $30: Gary Alcare just gave me $30 for no reason.:-)
    $12: 4 boxes of balls. (Simon 1, Hermann 2, Jerome 1)
    $8.50: 5 boxes of balls (one for RR prize)
    Balance: $1318.93

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