[announcement] 10/2/2004

  1. Congratulations to Patrick Wu and Rodulfo Lee who won the weekly round robin for table 1 and 2, respectively.
  2. We had the longest round robin on table 1 this week. The table did not finish until 6:00! There were 4 5-gamers and only two 3-gamers. The match of the week was Michael Liu vs. Gary Alcares. Michael lost Gary at 9:11, 15:17, 20:18, 16:14, and 12:14. There were four deuces and the total point counts were 72:74! What a match! Michael also lost to Patrick Wu at 11:7, 7:11, 11:8, 8:11, and 8:11. (45:48!)
  3. Gary Alcares upset Michael Liu and Paul Chang and gained 243 points!
  4. David Hanson will bring some table tennis product to MSC next week. If you need something, please go talk to David. His website is http://www.alphapong.com/.
  5. Again, the weekly round robin is very popular now. Please sign up early go get a spot. We will have 10 spots next week and 4 are already reserved. Please send email to me to reserve the spot if you want to participate.
  6. We are in the process to get two more tables. However, we are still short of money. If you have a rich uncle or work for a company who may want to help out, please do not hesitate to contact them.:-) Any amount will be appreciated.
  7. Financial position:
    $10: Patrick Wu for clinic
    $15: for DVD. (Michael Liu $5, Mr. Yin $5, Percy Pan $5)
    $30: weekly round robin
    $1.70: 1 box of balls for prize

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