[announcement] 10/23/2004

  1. Please observe the two-out rule on the open play tables. The winner will step down after he/she wins the second match. There are simply too many people waiting. Please share.
  2. Congratulations to Ming Zhang, Raymond Yip, and Han Cho who won our weekly round robin for table 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Click here for the full results.
  3. Again, please sign-up the round robin by email. We will only have two tables on 10/30. It is almost full already. Email me to sign up. First come first serve. If you don't get a spot for the week you want, you will have higher priority on the following week.
  4. For new comers, the week round robin is free. However, you need to sign up in advance. $3 contribution is appreciated.
  5. We still have a spot for the clinic on 10/30/2004. (one-hour session with another player) Please let me know if you are interested. Note that two players in the same session will take turns picking up balls. Please do not leave until the whole session is over.
  6. The next 4-week clinic will start on 11/13/2004. You get to sign up for four weeks in a row. You will share a one-hour session with one player. (30 minutes each) Thanks to coach Chai, the clinic is free. However, we appreciate if you donate $40 if you participate. The contribution will be used to buy new equipment.
  7. Financial position:
    $45: from the weekly round robin
    $5: Percy Pan for DVD
    $5: Ming Zhang for DVD
    $3: Ron Wallace for a box of balls
    $5.10: two boxes balls for round robin prize and one box for Ron's contribution
    Balance: $1371.83

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