[announcement] 10/30/2004

  1. NO TABLE TENNIS ON 11/6/2004 due to other events at MSC. See you on 11/13/2004.
  2. Congratulations to Simon Ng and Wuxing Gan who won our weekly round robin on table 1 and table 2, respectively. Click here for full results. 640 matches have been played since we started the weekly round robin.
  3. The next 4-session clinic will start on 11/13. Only 6 spots are available and 4 have been reserved. You will take a one-hour session per week with another player for four consecutive weeks. Thanks to coach Jim Chai, a USATT certified regional coach, donates his time to offer this free clinic. However, $10 per session contribution will be appreciated for purchasing equipment in the future. Please send me email if you are interested.
  4. We are not allowed to sell anything at MSC. However, quite a few people asked me about equipments. If you need help on equipments, please talk to David Hanson directly. His email is alphapong@yahoo.com.
  5. Financial position:
    $30: from the round robin
    $2: from Alex Varady
    $50: from clinic (Carrie Huang $10, Frank Deng $10, Lisa Liang $10, and Peter Wang $20)
    $15: Michael Wong $10 and Jeff Xue $5 for DVD's
    $1.70: prize for the round robin
    Balance: $1,467.13

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