[announcement] 10/9/2004

  1. Congratulations to Nelson Yu and Ron Wallace who won our weekly round robin on table 1 and table 2, respectively. (Thanks to David Hanson who contributed two racket cases for the winners of the round robin.)
  2. Again, please reserve your spot by email if you want to play our weekly round robin.
  3. 570 matches have been played since we started our round robin on 10/11/2003.
  4. congratulations to Mark Johnson who did well in Sacramento tournament beating 4 higher rated players. Bruce Liu made U2000 final in San Diego tournament but only beat one higher rated player.
  5. Newly arrived! The movie "Ping Pong" is available for players to check out.
  6. Bad news! For safety reason, MSC does not allow us to have more tables. (too close to the side of the basketball court) However, they did promise that when they renovate the facility, they would consider more storage space for table tennis.
  7. Financial status:
    $30: round robin
    $5: Patrick Wu for DVD
    $5: Desong Liu for clinic
    $5: Peter Wang for clinic
    Balance: $1205.43

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