• Due to a fitness faire and basketball freethrow contest on Sat, Jan 22 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., there is NO table table on 1/22/2005.
  • Congratulations to Patrick Wu and Gary Alcares who won our weekly round robin for table 1 and 2, respectively. Click here for full results. 780 matches have been played since the League started.
  • Jerry Poon will be in charge of the round robin on 1/29/2005. Please send him email (mailto:jeromecpoon@yahoo.com) to reserve your spot as early as possible. There is a very slim chance getting a spot if you send email on Thursday or Friday. Drop-in on Saturday is nearly impossible.
  • Financial position:
    $32: from round robin (Alex contribute $2 more)
    $25: from DVD's
    $70: clinic (Ivan Hung $10, Barry Or $10, Aldo $10, Michael Li $10, Saurabh Bhartia $20, Sammy Chu $10 for last week)
    $2: prize for the RR
    Balance: $2500.93


  • Milpitas players did it again. We are four for four for the inter-club challenges! We beat Sausalito team 9:3! Nelson Yu was the man who won all three singles matches. Thanks to Gary, Peter, and Mark who helped keeping the score. Also thanks to team Sausalito who drove all the way to south bay. Click here for full results. If you are interested in participating in the future challenges, please form a team of three players and let me know. All levels are welcome. I will try to arrange the opponents for you.
  • The weekly round robin will resume next week. (1/15/2005) Please send me email to reserve. Only 3 spots are still available.
  • Two 30-minute spots are still available for the clinics. Let me know if you are interested.
  • Financial position:
    $36: from the inter-club challenge
    $14: from DVD's
    $50: clinic (Aldo $10, Barry $20, Hermann $10, Desong $10)
    $10: Dave Hanson's donation
    $8.10: prize for the inter-club challenge
    Balance: $2375.93

Rating after the US Nationals

It seems that MSCTT players did very well at the US Nationals. Here are the results:

  • Ariel Hsing 1382(+35)

  • Michael Hsing 1586(+108)

  • Sean C. Lee 2203(+189)

  • Hermann Luechinger 1412(0)

  • Bruce Liu 1955(+15)

  • Michael Liu 1812(+109)

  • Simon Ng 1792(+42)

  • Vincent Tai 2031(+176)

  • Peter Tsang 1785(+118)

None of them lost points! You can use those ratings as a reference if you don't have a rating yet.

Congratulations to Sean who made the US Cadet team. (under 15) He will represent USA to play in the Safir International in Sweden in February.

ICC California State Open Videos/Slideshows

Chen Longcan and Xiao Wei Footage