Rating after the US Nationals

It seems that MSCTT players did very well at the US Nationals. Here are the results:

  • Ariel Hsing 1382(+35)

  • Michael Hsing 1586(+108)

  • Sean C. Lee 2203(+189)

  • Hermann Luechinger 1412(0)

  • Bruce Liu 1955(+15)

  • Michael Liu 1812(+109)

  • Simon Ng 1792(+42)

  • Vincent Tai 2031(+176)

  • Peter Tsang 1785(+118)

None of them lost points! You can use those ratings as a reference if you don't have a rating yet.

Congratulations to Sean who made the US Cadet team. (under 15) He will represent USA to play in the Safir International in Sweden in February.

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