• Congratulations to Stanley Sun and Ron Wallace who won our weekly round robin for table 1 and 2, respectively. Click here for full results. 800 matches have been played since the League started.
  • Bad news! Starting on 2/1/2005, USATT requires League membership in order to be processed in their league software. The annual fee is $12. If you are already a regular USATT member, then you don't need this League membership. The regular USATT membership fee is $40 a year. Personally, I think the full membership is a bargain. You get 6 magazines a year plus the privilege to play in the USATT sanctioned tournaments. Please check out http://www.usatt.org for details.
  • I will make MSC an USATT affiliated club. That way, people can join/renew their membership through MSC and MSC will get a cut. The other benefit is USATT provides a $1M insurance for all affiliated clubs.
  • We still have 6 spots for the 2/5 round robin. Please send me email (bay_tt@yahoo.com) to reserve one if you want to participate.
  • I was out of town for two weeks so I did not arrange the clinic for 2/5. So far, we still have 4 30-minute spots available. Email me if you are interested. (Paul and Annie were confirmed.)
  • Financial position:
    $30: from round robin
    $50: clinic (Ted Chang & wife $20, Desong Liu $10, Victor Dunn $10, Vallon Chen $10)
    $3.40: prize for the RR
    Balance: $2577.53

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