• Congratulations to Ming Zhang, Gary Fang, and QM Liu who won our weekly round robin for table 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Click here for full results. 1210 matches have been played since the League started.
  • All results have been entered into USATT League database. Sorry, the results for expired members or non-members could not be entered. The league fee is $12 per year. If you are a full USATT member, you are covered. No extra membership is required. Check out http://www.usatt.org for more information.
  • We will use 3 tables for round robin on 6/18. Please sign up by sending email to me.
  • For new players' information, MSC does not have budget to buy table tennis equipment. All tables were donated by players. Currently, seven tables are leased. The lease is not extendable will expire in the Summer of 2006. By that time, we need to raise enough money to buy seven tables. (~$7,500) So, please make your contribution. No amount is too small. All contributions will be recorded here on the website. So far, we are a little bit behind at the rate we are receiving money. If you have any idea to raise money, please do not hesitate to talk to me.
  • Financial position: (April 9,16,23,30 and May 7,14,21 haven't been updated yet.)
    $60: from round robin
    $22.5: commission from USATT for Bruce and Lisa's 3-year USATT membership
    $5.10: prize for the RR. (3 boxes of balls)

    Misc: We netted $321.19 from the Doubles Tournament on 5/28/2005 (entry fee, trophies, facilities, balls,...)

    Balance: $3725.42

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