• Congratulations to Ming Zhang, Thompson Tang, and Wilson Ta who won our weekly round robin for table 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Click here for full results. 1330 matches have been played since the League started.
  • The results for expired members could not be entered. New players will get a one-month trial period for free. The league fee is $12 per year. If you are a full USATT member, you are covered. No extra membership is required. Check out http://www.usatt.org for more information.
  • Milpitas Sports Center did very well in the US Open in Fort Lauderdale. Dave Hanson and his partner won the U3200 Doubles. Yours truly won the U2000 Hardbat event and Hermann and I made to the semi-final in the Hardbat Doubles.
  • We will use 3 tables for round robin on 7/16. There are still 7 spots available. Please send me an email to reserve yours.
  • The next clinic will be on Tuesday, 7/19. Please reserve your spot ASAP. $10 recommended per 30-minute session. Thanks to USATT regional coach Jim Chai who donates all proceeds to the club.
  • Financial position: (it is up-to-date now.)
    $60: from round robin
    $6.80: prize for the RR.

    Balance: $4,512.77

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