MSCTT'ers in the Reno US Open Team Championships

I remember someone exclaimed in disbelief on MSCTT'ers great performance at the Berkeley Tournament a couple of weekend ago and questioned how we could top that.

The Four Musketeers (MSCTT'ers) did it! Mark Johnson, Barry Or, Michael Liu, and Gary Fang made the final in Division 2 in the US Open Team Championships only after the USATT Junior Girls! (Atha Fong(2051), Judy Hugh(2373), Barbara Wei(2104), Stephanie Shih(2025)) The combined ratings of the top 3 players in each team were 5476 and 6528, respectively! I think they deserve a parade.

I was busy cheering for my team. I am sure Mark Johnson will have more info for his team to share with us. Mark, we are all ears!

The second team (Michael Sung, Wei-Sung Tsao, Jim Chai, and Bruce Liu) did not win any trophy in Division 1. However, they can proudly boast that they played 3 teams who made the quarter-final. They were defeated but with their heads up. Here are the top 3 teams they played:

  • Canada 2006: Pradeeban Peter-Paul(2640), Qiang Shen(2589), and Pierre-Luc Hinse(2539). They lost to Canada 2008 in the final.
  • California J Leaguers: Takayuki Abe(2500), Sario Mihara(2444), Tatsuya Honda(2295), and Sugura M. Araki(2127). They lost to the eventual winner Canada 2008 in the quarter-final.
  • Jennifer Durst: Yu Shao(2507), De Tran(2463), and Paul David(2459). They beat current world number 7 Gao Jun's team in the 2nd RR to advance to the quarter-final and was stopped by ChengDu team. Guo Xi who played in MSC a few weeks ago was in the ChengDu team.

Sara Fu who played MSC's 2/14 RR did very well in the tournament, too. I think she might have been undefeated throughout the tournament. I believe she may have a chance to break 2450 after the tournament

Guo Xi, who won the 2/24 RR, beat former Indian National member Chetan Baboor(2626) in the 2nd RR. Chetan Baboor was number 70 in the world. He also got a game from current world number 138 Wilson Zhang(2705) whose team won the tournament eventually.

Ariel Hsing, Winston Chen, and Patrick Wu were also in the tournament. I was too occupied to see their matches. Will update once I have the results.

We ate moderately - three buffets only. Oops! Should have been four, Atlantis, Silver Legacy, Harrah's, and Eldorado.

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