Berkeley Tournament - Final Result

  • 3 all Milpitas finals - not bad at all!
  • Honorable mentioning - Jiaqi Zheng who played at MSC on 8/31 won Women's Open and U22 Women's Open.
  • Over 60 - winner Moulin Zhao
  • Over 40 - semi-finalist Voltaire Benedicto
  • U2375 - semi-finalist Joey Hu, quarter-finalist Sean C. Lee, Voltaire Benedicto
  • U2250 - winner Michael Sung, runner-up Voltaire Benedicto, semi-finalist Nelson Yu
  • U2125 - winner Nelson Yu, semi-finalist Superman (aka Cheong Tse), quarter-finalists Bruce H. Liu, Bo Ding
  • U2000 - winner Wayne Lo, runner-up Johnny Huang, semi-finalist Superman, quarter-finalists Wei Chen, Colleen Lee, Bo Ding
  • U1850 - winner Bo Ding, runner-up Raymond Yip
  • U1700 - runner-up Aaron Hui, quarter-finalists Danny Hui, George Zhao
  • U1550 - quarter-finalist Jerome Poon
  • U800 - winner Jun Zhang
  • U4200 Doubles - runner-up Michael Sung/Bruce H. Liu, semi-finalist Superman/Nelson Yu, quarter-finalist Barry Or/Mark Johnson

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