Stanford Tournament - MSC Results

  • Women's Open - 1st Sara Fu, 2nd Jiaqi Zheng
  • U21 Women's - 1st Jiaqi Zheng
  • Over 40 - semi-finalist Voltaire Benedicto
  • Over 50 - semi-finalist Mark Johnson
  • Over 60 - 1st Moulin Zhao
  • U4200 Doubles - 1st Bo Ding/Dennis Ong, 2nd Wilson Tsao/Henry Sit, semi-finalist Mark Johnson/Bruce H. Liu, quarter-finalists Cheong Tse/Nelson Yu, Voltaire Benedicto/Barry Or, Seyed Jafarinejad/Mohammad Jafarinejad (6 out of 8 quarter-final teams were from Milpitas!)
  • U1250 - 2nd Michael Wong
  • U1400 - 1st Dave Hanson, 2nd Jun Zhang
  • U1550 - 1st Qingmin Liu, 2nd Brian Chen
  • U1700 - 1st Qingmin Liu, 2nd George Zhao, semi-finalist Radu Licea
  • U1850 - 1st Praful Bhaidasna, quarter-finalist Barry Or (lost to Praful)
  • U2000 - 1st Henry Sit, semi-finalist Cheong Tse, quarter-finalists Mark Johnson, Aaron Hui, Praful Bhaidasna
  • U2125 - 1st Wilson Tsao, 2nd Michael Sung, semi-finalist Cheong Tse, quarter-finalists Bruce H. Liu (After RR, Wilson beat Patrick Wu in the 8's, Bruce Liu in quarter, Cheong Tse in semi , and Michael in the final!)
  • U2250 - 1st Voltaire Benedicto, 2nd Wison Tsao, semi-finalists Joey Hu, David Samuelson, quarter-finalists Henry Sit, Seyed Jafarinejad
  • U2375 - semi-finalist David Samuelson, quarter-finalist Michael Sung, Joey Hu

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