• MSC will OPEN on 11/21 and 11/25 for table tennis.
  • Please keep your car keys in a safe place. It did not happen in our club but there was an incidence in Oakland that a teenager took someone's key and drove away.
  • RR results: (Click here for full result.)
    • Table 1: Voltaire Benedicto
    • Table 2: Bo Ding
    • Table 3: Gary Fang
    • Table 4: Rodulfo Lee
    • Table 5: Steven Li
  • Congratulations to all winners. 4873 matches have been played since the League started in 2003.
  • There are still a few spots for the 11/25 RR but won't last long.:-) Let me know if you are interested.
  • Financial position:
    $64: 11/18 RR(16 paid players)
    $15: 11/14 clinics
    $54: 3 dozens of balls
    Balance: $6,545.28

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