A Star is Born

Who is this guy? Doesn't seem to have solid fundamental in table tennis at all! Occasionally won our weekly round robin for table 4. Guess what? With a USATT rating of 1303, he won U1550 and U1700 events in the 4-star tournament at Stanford on 10/21. Moreover, he could have won 3 events. He got defaulted in the U1400 event because he forgot the schedule. Yeah, he was there but forgot to report to the control desk!

Nah, it could have been a fluke - one would think. (Well, I have to confess that I thought so.) To my surprise, in the following week, 10/28, in Sacramento, Qingmin lead his team to win the U4200 team event. Again, it was a team event. Maybe he just joined the right team with the right teammates.

Last night, 10/31, the Halloween night, he showed up at MSC with his racket and beat Superman and Patrick Wu - both 3:0! (Refer to my previous post about Patrick winning the U6000 team event and the most noticeable player of the tournament.) Darn! I've been trying to beat Superman and Patrick without much success and Q beat them in one night! Wow! It must have been the evil spirits in the Halloween night!

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