USATT Election

I am pleased to know that my fellow alumnus Santos Shih is running for USATT treasurer. (Michael Hsing, aka Ariel's father, also went to the same school. However, they were both older than I was and still are.:-)) In addition, Santos and I both played in the school team!

USATT just lost the majority of its funding from the United States Olympic Committee. We, members, definitely need a strong leader in finance. I think Santos is the man not just because we are alumni but also his tracking record in both table tennis and business. In case you don't know yet, he personally contributed US $20,000 to USATT for junior program.

Some of you probably already received the ballot from USATT for the election. Please do not toss it! Your vote counts! All candidates' campaign statements are available here.

By the way, in case you are curious, we went to the Affiliated Senior High School of Taiwan Normal University. (師大附中)

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