Barry Or at the Nationals

Barry Or made to the quarter-final with Mark Johnson in the U3700 Doubles. He also advanced from quite a few rating events. However, the most difficult match he played was probably against the USATT Magazine editor Larry Hodges in a wagered side match - whoever lost would donate $20 to the junior program. It was a 2 out of 3 to 11 match. The catch was that Larry would use a clipboard. You heard me right. It was a unmodified 9x12 wood clipboard available at any Office Depot. Should have been a walk in the park for Barry, right? Barry ended up lost 2 straight games! Some minor details I forgot to tell Barry was that Larry constantly beat players under 2000 using the clipboard. The rumor is that he used to play table tennis with a shoe.

Sorry, Barry! It is all for the sport.

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