MSC - the Incredibles vs iGologic Inspiration

I know you are anxious to know the result.:-)
The writeup will have to wait.Thanks to Dan Lin, photos are available at:

From left to right, Nelson Yu, Michael Sung, Henry Sit, Rajul Sheth, Seyed Jafarinejad, Wen Huang, and Brian Kim

MSC - the Incredibles beat iGoLogic Inspiration 4:1

  • Henry Sit lost to Wen Huang 1:3 9,14,-5,8
  • Michael Sung beat Seyed Jafarinejad 3:0 3,9,9
  • Nelson Yu/Henry Sit beat Wen Huang/Brian Kim 3:1 3,-8,6,5
  • Nelson Yu beat Seyed Jafarinejad 3:0 9,6,4
  • Michael Sung beat Brian Kim 3:0 9,9,7

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