U4200 Doubles in the Western Open at Berkeley

After fierce preliminary round, 6 of Milpitas Sports Center teams were in the quarter final. The lowest rated team Bo Ding and Qingmin Liu made it through the preliminary.

In the quarter final, top seed team, Nelson Yu/Henry Sit, was upset by their MSC brother pair Kenny Tien/Douglas Tien deuce in the fifth. Second seed team, Voltaire Benedicto/Mark Johnson was upset by Jim Chai/Bruce H. Liu in 4. Third seed team, Jason Shim/Valeri Kim, from Washington beat a Berkely team. Fourth seed team, Ming Zhang/Hung-Jen Hung, was upset by, yes, Bo Ding/Qingming Liu! Have I said that their combined rating was the low st among all teams?

So, 1st, 2nd, and 4th seeded teams were out in the quarter final! In the first semi-final. The team from Washington denied Kenny/Douglas's chance to go further. In the second semi-final, Bo Ding/Qingmin Liu continued their journey by upsetting Jim/Bruce to make the final!

So, the stage was set for Bo Ding/Qingmin Liu and the Jason Shim/Valeri Kim. It turned out Jason/Valeri were too strong to the lowest rating team in the field. (I am repeating myself!:-)) BTW, Jason beat Sean Lee in the tournament.

Congratulations to Bo Ding and Qingmin Liu!

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