4/22 U1900 iGoLogic Innovation at Palo Alto Team 4

(left to right: Brian Chen, Natalie Sun, Lily Zhang, Winston Chen, Barry Or, Mark Johnson)
Winning the tie, iGoLogic Innovation clinched the playoff! Viva Las Vega!

Milpitas will have two teams competing the national titles in the US Open in July. Congratulations!

Palo Alto Team 4 lost to iGoLogic Innovation 0-5

  • Lily Zhang lost to Winston Chen 1:3 (7,-9,-9,-11)
  • Brian Chen lost to Barry Or 1:3 (-5,9,-8,-8)
  • Brian Chen/Natalie Sun lost to Mark Johnson/Barry Or 0:3 (-6,-6,-10)
  • Lily Zhang lost to Mark Johnson 2:3 (11,-1,-4,10,-5)
  • Natalie Sun lost to Winston Chen 1:3 (-5,8,-8,4)

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