Week of 5/26/2007

  • RR results: (Click here for full result.)
    • Table 1: Ming Zhang
    • Table 2: Ken Ngo
    • Table 3: Danny Hui
    • Table 4: Lelend Chen
    • Table 5: Tran Bui
  • Congratulations to all winners. 6028 matches have been played since the League started in 2003.
  • 6/2 RR is full. Please reserve for 6/9.
  • Financial position:
    Balance: $6,814.81

Golden State Tournament Results

(Bennett Sze)
(Chao Zhang)
(Michael Wong)
(Mark Johnson)
(Steven Li/Bruce Liu)
(Tetsuro Hirouji/Bruce Liu)
(Johnny Huang)
(Mark Johnson)
(Ming Zhang)
(Tin Quach)
  • U1300 - 2nd Michael Wong. Michael upset one play in his round robin group and made all the way to the final! He won 5 straight matches before losing 2:3 in the final. 47 players played the event.

  • U1500- 2nd Chao Zhang. Won 5 straight matches before losing 1:3 in the final. 55 players played the event.

  • U1700 - 2nd Bennett Sze. Won 5 straight matches before losing 2:3 in the final while lead 2:0! 59 players played the event.

  • U1850 - 1st Johnny Huang, semi-finalist Michael Hsing. 1st seed in the event and only faced a serious challenge by Michael Hsing in the semi-final. (winning deuce in the fifth!) Johnny also beat the winner of U1975 Nash Darukhannaawala from the Hayward tournament last a few weeks ago. 52 players played the event.

  • U2000 - 1st Johnny Huang, 2nd Tin Quach, semi-finalist Mark Johnson, Bruce Liu, quarter-finalist Michael Hsing, Daniel Puscasu. Johnny dominated the event winning 6 straight matches without losing a game and he was only 10th seed among 53 players in the event! MSC totally dominated the event. Five out of eight players in the quarter-final!

  • U2150 - 2nd Nelson Yu, quarter-finalists Patrick Wu, Tin Quach. 71 players were in the event.

  • U2300 - 2nd Ming Zhang, quarter-finalists Ariel Hsing, Joey Hu. 52 players were in the event.

  • U2500 - semi-finalists Fernando Chang, Truong Tu, quarter-finalist Jim Chai. 34 players played the event.

  • Over 50 - semi-finalist Mark Johnson. (lost 11,7, -8,-8,-8 in the semi-final)

  • U2800 Doubles - semi-finalist Tetsuro Hirouji/Bruce Liu, quarter-finalist Bennett Sze/Claire Yeh. 15 teams played the event.

  • U3400 Doubles - 2nd Steven Li/Bruce Liu, semi-finalist Claire Yeh/Mark Johnson. Eight teams played the event.

  • Open Doubles - quarter-finalists Mark Johnson/Barry Or, Henry Sit/Terry Tam, Joey Hu/Spencer Chase, Ming Zhang/Bruce Liu. Not sure how many teams were in the event.:-)

Week of 5/19/2007

  • Ryu Seung Min's tutorial DVD "Penholder Never Dies" is available to check out.
  • RR results (5/5): (Click here for full result.)
    • Table 1: Truong Tu
    • Table 2: Wayne Lo
    • Table 3: Daniel Puscasu
    • Table 4: Chao Zhang
    • Table 5: Ron Wallace
  • RR results (5/12): (Click here for full result.)
    • Table 1: Ming Zhang
    • Table 2: Peter Tsang
    • Table 3: Patrick Muhl
    • Table 4: Wilson Ta
  • RR results: (Click here for full result.)
    • Table 1: Truong Tu
    • Table 2: Ken Tien
    • Table 3: Douglas Tien
    • Table 4: Andrew Wong
    • Table 5: Claire Yeh
  • Congratulations to all winners. 5977 matches have been played since the League started in 2003.
  • RR is free on 5/26. There are only a few spots left.
  • Financial position:
    $77: RR (5/5)
    $60: RR (5/12)
    $72: RR (5/19)
    $31.50: USATT memberships commissions
    $30: Ryu Seung Min DVD
    Balance: $6,814.81

5/12 Sacramento Tournament Result

(photos are from the MSC archive)

Congratulatons to all winners! All 1st place finishers get a one-time free pass for the MSC RR.
  • U1575 - 1st Pat Castro
  • U1975 - semi-finalist Mark Johnson
  • U2125 - 1st Truong Tu, semi-finalist Wayne Lo
  • U2350 - semi-finalist Wayne Lo
  • U2500 doubles - semi-finalists Jerome Poon/Claire Yeh
  • U2900 doubles - 1st Mark Johnson/Claire Yeh
  • U3300 doubles - 1st Nelson Yu/Claire Yeh, 2nd Mark Johnson/Jerome Poon
  • U3700 doubles - 1st Mark Johnson/Dave Hanson
  • U4100 doubles - 1st Ankur Patel/Nash Darukhanawala, 2nd Truong Tu/Ken Nguyen

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Team League in the USATT Magazine

By Bruce H. Liu and Mark Johnson

Five divisions, 10 clubs, 25 teams, 150 players, 112 team ties, and 570 matches. These are the numbers from the first season of the USATT Team League in the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose area in Northern California. Even two teams from Reno participated in our league although they had to drive over four hours, one-way, to play (some of their players even flew).

It all started in November last year with an email from our regional coordinator, Rajul Sheth. He sent an email to all clubs in the area calling for a meeting. No one responded until Stefan Feth and Khoa Nguyen – the two most recognized and respected names in our local table tennis community – replied that they would attend the meeting. It turned out that 11 people representing eight different table tennis clubs showed up!

It was an extremely fruitful and exciting meeting. It was that rare occasion with so many table tennis enthusiasts in the same room yet so little of the ego that can often accompany them in this setting. Everyone agreed that this league was the way to move the sport forward in the United States. They also understood that instead of waiting for others, someone had to take the initiative and start the ball rolling. Therefore, they formed the Bay Area Table Tennis Federation (BATTF) at this meeting. Not sure if it was the California wine or the great Indian food, but Lewis Wei and Rajul Sheth each donated $1000 to the fledgling federation. Stefan Feth also promised $1000 worth of Joola equipment/jersey sponsorships.

But after the initial excitement died down, would these people follow through with what they had promised? Most definitely! At the second meeting of the BATTF in January 2007, seven different table tennis clubs had at least one team participating in the league. Milpitas Sports Center and the Palo Alto Table Tennis Club led the way with six and five teams, respectively. In addition, two table tennis clubs that were not present at the first meeting also registered teams. Not bad for the first season!

Twenty-five teams! Who would have expected it? But now came the hard part – scheduling. It would be a nightmare for any one person to handle. So we decided not to let that happen. We decided instead to have division coordinators work with the team captains in each division. But that was still a lot of work. No problem! In just a few minutes, all five available division coordinator positions were taken voluntarily. And they did an excellent job with all division schedules submitted prior to the deadline. Hats off to those volunteers!

January 16, 2007 7:30PM – an historical moment. That was the date and time in history that the first ever USATT Team League tie was played. The regional coordinator was amongst those in attendance at this historical event. The court was properly barriered. The players were in their team uniforms. A group photo of the two teams was taken to capture this moment. The first two competitors – Henry Sit and Wen Huang – shook hands. The scorekeeper was ready. The tension in the air was so thick it could almost be cut with a knife. Just how tense was it? So tense that the very first serve was missed. That's how tense it was! But that missed serve cut through the tension like the proverbial knife and we were underway.

The competition was outstanding for the first season. Almost all of our top local players competed in the league, including former Olympians and current USA Junior/Cadet team members. Not only that, but it was for players of all levels. Even the vintage hardbatters had formed a team! Furthermore, the team competition brought players closer together. Teammates were forced to know each other better, especially for the doubles. They discussed strategy and coached their teammates during their matches. Some even hung out afterwards to continue the conversation – often at dinner. It was no longer the individual sport we often see at tournaments!

With a very high level of collaboration, the first season of the BATTF went almost flawlessly. All participants showed great appreciation for what others had done. Some even discovered new places to play. Our division winners are looking forward to an even more exciting competition at the finals at the US Open in July. For those players who asked to join after the season had already started, do not miss the train next season!

(Results/standings/writeups can be found at http://www.milpitas-tabletennis.com/USATT_League/ and the Bay Area Table Tennis Federation blog is at http://www.battf.blogspot.com/)


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  • RR results: (Click here for full result.)
    • Table 1: Ming Zhang
    • Table 2: Dave Hanson
    • Table 3: Sherman Liu
    • Table 4: Claire Yeh
  • Congratulations to all winners. 5828 matches have been played since the League started in 2003.
  • RR is full on 5/5. Please Sign up for 5/12!
  • Financial position:
    $44: RR
    Balance: $6,574.31

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Chen Longcan and Xiao Wei Footage