5/12 Sacramento Tournament Result

(photos are from the MSC archive)

Congratulatons to all winners! All 1st place finishers get a one-time free pass for the MSC RR.
  • U1575 - 1st Pat Castro
  • U1975 - semi-finalist Mark Johnson
  • U2125 - 1st Truong Tu, semi-finalist Wayne Lo
  • U2350 - semi-finalist Wayne Lo
  • U2500 doubles - semi-finalists Jerome Poon/Claire Yeh
  • U2900 doubles - 1st Mark Johnson/Claire Yeh
  • U3300 doubles - 1st Nelson Yu/Claire Yeh, 2nd Mark Johnson/Jerome Poon
  • U3700 doubles - 1st Mark Johnson/Dave Hanson
  • U4100 doubles - 1st Ankur Patel/Nash Darukhanawala, 2nd Truong Tu/Ken Nguyen

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