Golden State Tournament Results

(Bennett Sze)
(Chao Zhang)
(Michael Wong)
(Mark Johnson)
(Steven Li/Bruce Liu)
(Tetsuro Hirouji/Bruce Liu)
(Johnny Huang)
(Mark Johnson)
(Ming Zhang)
(Tin Quach)
  • U1300 - 2nd Michael Wong. Michael upset one play in his round robin group and made all the way to the final! He won 5 straight matches before losing 2:3 in the final. 47 players played the event.

  • U1500- 2nd Chao Zhang. Won 5 straight matches before losing 1:3 in the final. 55 players played the event.

  • U1700 - 2nd Bennett Sze. Won 5 straight matches before losing 2:3 in the final while lead 2:0! 59 players played the event.

  • U1850 - 1st Johnny Huang, semi-finalist Michael Hsing. 1st seed in the event and only faced a serious challenge by Michael Hsing in the semi-final. (winning deuce in the fifth!) Johnny also beat the winner of U1975 Nash Darukhannaawala from the Hayward tournament last a few weeks ago. 52 players played the event.

  • U2000 - 1st Johnny Huang, 2nd Tin Quach, semi-finalist Mark Johnson, Bruce Liu, quarter-finalist Michael Hsing, Daniel Puscasu. Johnny dominated the event winning 6 straight matches without losing a game and he was only 10th seed among 53 players in the event! MSC totally dominated the event. Five out of eight players in the quarter-final!

  • U2150 - 2nd Nelson Yu, quarter-finalists Patrick Wu, Tin Quach. 71 players were in the event.

  • U2300 - 2nd Ming Zhang, quarter-finalists Ariel Hsing, Joey Hu. 52 players were in the event.

  • U2500 - semi-finalists Fernando Chang, Truong Tu, quarter-finalist Jim Chai. 34 players played the event.

  • Over 50 - semi-finalist Mark Johnson. (lost 11,7, -8,-8,-8 in the semi-final)

  • U2800 Doubles - semi-finalist Tetsuro Hirouji/Bruce Liu, quarter-finalist Bennett Sze/Claire Yeh. 15 teams played the event.

  • U3400 Doubles - 2nd Steven Li/Bruce Liu, semi-finalist Claire Yeh/Mark Johnson. Eight teams played the event.

  • Open Doubles - quarter-finalists Mark Johnson/Barry Or, Henry Sit/Terry Tam, Joey Hu/Spencer Chase, Ming Zhang/Bruce Liu. Not sure how many teams were in the event.:-)

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