NCCAF Tournament - 2nd Day Results

It seems that MSC players are all over the places! Only San Francisco Lawton TTC is immuned from MSC!:-) (Peter Chen and Wayne Kuang did play once at MSC.)

More photos are at:

  • Men's Advanced Teams: 1st The Topspins (Truong Tu, Sean Lee, Kevin Au, Vincent Tai), 2nd Lawton TTC (Peter Chen, Wu Weiyang, Wayne Kuang, Tony Tam), 3rd The Incredibles (Nelson Yu, Joey Hu, Michael Sung, Ming Zhang, Bruce Liu), 4th Palo Alto Crabs (Voltaire Benedicto, Jim Chai, Henry Sit, Spencer Chase)
  • Women's Advanced Teams: 1st (Sara Fu, Ariel Hsing, Sheena Tsang, Dora Kurimay)
  • Hi-Tech Teams: 1st Bay Area Software and Engineering (Barry Or, Lily Zhang, Patrick Wu, Stanley Sun, Guo Xi, Kyna Fong), 2nd Chrontel (Wayne Lo, Cheong Tse, Bo Ding, Horace Cheng), 3rd Yahoo (Sudhish Iyer, Ming Zhang, Joe Ting, Jiankuan Sun)

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