North America Tour Final

(Now that Mark Hazinski has eaten with us, can we include his result as MSC's?:-))

I think everyone would agree that the biggest story for MSC in the tournament was the upsets in the U2000 event, right? Nah, I don't think that would make it even top seed Jim Chai and 3rd seed Bruce Liu did get knocked out at the semi-final.:-)

Instead, it was the U2250 event! Five of our "The Incredibles" members made to the main draw! Three of them made to the semi-final. In the first semi-final, Joey Hu faced his teammate and doubles partner Nelson Yu. Joey lost to Nelson a couple of times in their previous encounters. But not this time! When Joey won the 4th game at 3:1, he pumped his fists in ecstasy to claim the victory. Alas, it turned out from semi-final up it was 4 out 7 instead 3 out of 5.:-) Nelson, mean while, teammate or not, made sure Joey had to earn it and won the next two games to even the match to 3:3! Joey did just that by winning the last game at deuce! (11,-5,8,6,-12,-8,10)

In the second semi-final, Michael Sung overpowered a strong Japanese female player from southern California, who upset quite a few good players, including Nelson Yu and Avishy Schmidt, throughout the tournament. (9,-7,-1,6,-8,-5)

So, the stage was set, it was Joey and Michael who played with each other numerous times. Joey took the early lead to 3:1. However, despite being exhausted and having a cramp, Michael did not give up. He even the the match to 3:3! Joey was in disbelief! Would the first ever 4-star tournament champion slip away from him again? Not this time! Joey won the 7th game to secure the victory. (9,8,-5,8,-7,-6,8)

Trieu-Tien Nguyen's win in U2125 was a great one, not only for himself but also for MSC. He beat Walter Guan in the final after Walter knocked out Jim Chai in the semi, Henry Sit in quarter, and Wayne Lo in 8's!

BTW, all quarter-finalists in the U4200 pairs played MSC RR's before except Sally Su and Peter Chen! Any idea how we should recruit them?:-) Some familiar names did not even make the quarter! For example, Bruce Liu, Troung Tu, and Ankur Patel, to name a few.

Also, MSC only had one team, with a combined rating merely 2901, ranked 16th among 17 teams, entered the U3200 Doubles! It was a well-deserved champion. Claire Yeh and Stanley Sun knocked out the 2nd seed in the first round and top seed in the final!

Congratulations to all winner! All 1st place finishers will get a month RR free!

  • Open - semi-finalist Shen Hailong
  • Open Doubles - quarter-finalists Joey Hu/Nelson Yu
  • Women's - 2nd Sara Fu (homecoming from Texas)
  • U22 - 1st Shen Hailong
  • U2375 - semi-finalist Truong Tu, quarter finalist Nelson Yu
  • U2250 - 1st Joey Hu, 2nd Michael Sung, semi-finalist Nelson Yu, quarter-finalist Terry Tam
  • U2125 - 1st Trieu-tien Nguyen, semi-finalist Jim Chai, quarter-finalist Henry Sit, Wei Chen (the Cupertino Wei), Han Nguyen
  • U2000 - semi-finalists Jim Chai, Bruce H. Liu
  • U1850 - 1st Chao Zhang, semi-finalists Peter Chung, quarter-finalists Garry Barretto, George Zhao, Qingmin Liu, Ali Safai
  • U1700 - quarter-finalists Ton Huy, Arjun Desai,
  • U1550 - 2nd Jerome Poon
  • U1100 - semi-finalist Omkar Raje, quarter-finalist Ewrin Yu
  • U4200 - 1st Terry Tam/Sally Su, 2nd Michael Sung/Tzu-ying Li, semi-finalsts Trieu-tien Nguyen/Henry Sit, Vincent Tai/Johnny Huang, quarter-finalists Barry Or/Mark Johnson, Qingmin Liu/Peter Chen, Voltaire Benedicto/Jim Chai, Ming Zhang/David Chow
  • U3200 - 1st Claire Yeh/Stanley Sun (Have they ever lost?)
  • Over 40 - quarter-finalist Voltaire Benedicto
  • Over 50 - 1st Kock Loe, 2nd Wayne Lo, semi-finalist Mark Johnson
  • Over 60 - 2nd Mou-Lin Zhao
  • Junior Under 10 - 1st Madhukar Lokavarapu

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