2007 World Junior TT Championships

  • Where: Stanford University
  • When: December 8 through 15
  • Price: varies from $10 to $45

It is a great opportunity to see world class players. You don't know when this kind of event will come back!

Jun Mizutani from Japan, currently #40 in the world, will play. Indian, Chinese and Taiwanese teams are coming too. Local players Ariel Hsing and Lily Zhang will also compete in the tournament.

I am helping Dennis Davis to sell the tickets at cost. If you purchase through the box office, $8 to $10 service charge will be added on top of the ticket price. Email me or call me at 408-887-3410 if you have questions. I personally recommend the following days: (Of course other days are good, too. Let me know if you are interested.)
  • Monday, Dec 10 (all day pass $30 in the orange section)
    9:30 AM Boys Team Ranking Matches 5-16 place
    9:30 AM Girls Team Ranking Matches 5-16 place
    3:30 PM Girls Team Semi-Final
    6:00 PM Boys Team Semi-Final
  • Tuesday, Dec. 11 (all day pass $45 in the orange section)
    9:00 AM Mixed Doubles Qualification Round
    11:00 AM Mixed Doubles Round 1
    4:00 PM Girls Team Final
    6:30 PM Boys Team Final
  • Friday, Dec. 14 (all day pass $30 in the orange section)
    9:30 AM Mixed Doubles Quarter Finals
    10:30 AM Girls Singles Final 16 Players
    11:45 AM Boys Singles Final 16 Players
    1:00 PM Girls Doubles Quarter-Final
    1:45 PM Boys Doubles Quarter-Final
    4:00 PM Mixed Doubles Semi-Final
    5:00 PM Girls Singles Quarter-Final
    5:45 PM Boys Singles Quarter-Final
    6:30 PM Girls Doubles Semi-Final
    7:15 PM Boys Doubles Semi-Final
    8:15 PM Mixed Doubles Final
  • Saturday, Dec. 15 (all day pass $45 in the orange section)
    10:00 AM Girls Singles Semi-Finals
    11:15 AM Boys Singles Semi-Finals
    3:00 PM Girls Doubles Final
    3:30 PM Boys Doubles Final
    4:10 PM Girls Singles Final
    4:45 PM Boys Singles Final

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