12/8, 15, 22, 29 Weblog Updates

(Photo courtesy of Claire. 12/22 at Wynn)
  • The performance of the MSCTT'ers at the Nationals was amazing! I don't think there are lots clubs can match what we've done.:-) I think there are three players particularly worth mentioning:
    • Ariel Hsing: made the US Girls Junior (under 18) and Cadet (under 15) team at age of 12.
    • Chao Zhang: advanced from all five RR's he entered. (one 1st place, 1 semi-final)
    • Claire Yeh: one 1st place, 3 finals, and 1 quarter-final. Need I say more!
  • 12/8 RR($45): (full result)
    1. Steven Siliang Wang
    2. Barry Or
    3. Chao Zhang
    4. Jerome Poon
    5. Larry Lee
  • 12/15 RR(free): (full result)
    1. Tommy Nguyen
    2. George Siu
  • 12/22 RR($18): (full result)
    1. Henry Sit
    2. Bo Ding
    3. Huy Ton
  • 12/29 RR(free): (full result)
    1. Truong Tu
    2. Nelson Yu
    3. Wei Chen
    4. Jerome Poon
    5. Tetsuro Hirouji
  • Congratulations to all winners. 7503 matches have been played since the League started in 2003.
  • 1/5/08 RR is almost full. Please email me at bay_tt@yahoo.com to sign up. No need to email to the whole group. Thanks.
  • Financial position:
    $63: RR
    Expense: $0
    Balance: $7,414.57

2007 Nationals Results

Splendid performance of MSCTT'ers! More photos courtesy of Dan Lin here.

  • Ariel Hsing made both the US Junior team (under 18) and Cadet team (under 15) as #1 player for both. And she just turned 12 in November, 2007.
  • Ariel and Prachi Jha received first annual Nate Wasserman memorial scholarship awards.
  • 3 champions
    • Under 13: Ariel Hsing
    • U1100: Claire Yeh
    • U1500: Chao Zhang
  • 7 finalists
    • U2000: Johnny Huang
    • U1900: Dan Lin
    • U1400: Erica Tran
    • U1300: Claire Yeh (lost in 5 games)
    • U1000: Claire Yeh (lost in 5 games)
    • U3700: Qingmin Liu/Bruce Liu
    • U3200: Claire Yeh/Stanley Sun
  • 5 semi-finalists
    • Girls' Elementary Schoo Under 10: Prachi Jha
    • U2100: Fernando Chang
    • U1600: Chao Zhang
    • U1500: Prachi Jha
    • U4200: Vincent Tai/Spencer Chase
  • 10 quarter-finalists
    • U21 Women: Ariel Hsing
    • U2200: Terry Tam, Fernando Chang
    • U2000: Stanley Sun
    • U1900: Natalie Sun
    • U1300: Omkar Raje
    • U1200: Claire Yeh
    • U1000: Omkar Raje, Mathew Tran
    • U4200: Dan Lin/Nelson Yu
  • 6 buffets (by one person, ParisX2, RioX2, Wynn, Planet Hollywood)
  • $400 jackpot on slot machine!
  • $800 winning on the 21 table!

12/15 - the Last Day of the World Junior Championships

  • The much-expected Germany/China girls singles match today turned out to be lopsided. Apparently Chinese spent their evening to find a solution to play against Solja, aka Harry Potter, who knocked out the top Chinese girl the previous night. The Chinese coach used longpips to feed balls to Wen Jia before the match. Evidently, it worked. Wen contained Solja throughout the match.
  • The all Chinese girls' semi-final was surprisingly good! The favored Mu Zi could not hit through her teammate Yang Yang. Mu's attack was awesome. However, Yang seemed to be able to return almost anything. Quite a lesson on defense!
  • The all Korean boys' semi-final was quite boring though. Only had good rallies occasionally. Maybe they know each other too well.
  • The second boys' semi-final was really something. The Russia boy took the first two games quickly. His attack was simply too strong. However, the Chinese boy was not intimated. He figured out how to control the Russian. The rallies were amazing. Those spectators who fell asleep during the previous all Korean match woke up. Great performance!
  • The all-Chinese Girls Doubles was pretty exciting. Lots of beautiful rallies. However, Mu Zi did not seem to recover from her singles lost earlier. Sometimes even looked sloppy. At time, she seemed to have a don't-care attitude. Her team inevitably lost to their teammates Li Xiaodan and Wen Jia.
  • In the boys doubles, Chinese team dispatched Japanese team quickly in straight games. It seemed that they wanted to pull back the delayed schedule by the previous match.
  • The all-Chinese Girls Singles was unexpectedly good. Wen Jia and Yang Yang were training partner in China. Wen Jia did well in the beginning but Yang Yang prevailed at the end. No hard feelings!
  • Chinese had only one player made the semi-final. Actually Xu Ruifeng was almost eliminated in the quarter-final as well. He was down 0-3 but came back to win at 4-3 in the quarter. In the semi-final, he was down 0-2 again but won 4 straight games to make the final. In the final against Korean, Jeong Sang Eun, he started pretty well winning first two games convincingly. The coach must have pointed out to him that coming back is good but kind of risky. Alas, Xu was not used to take the lead. He lost 4 straight games to the Korean. Xu already won the team event, mixed doubles event, and boys doubles event. He could have been the biggest winner of the tournament. Well, he still is but without the boys singles title! There is rumor that the Korean winner Jeong Sang Eun was originally from China. Not sure if it is true. He played brilliantly nevertheless.

12/14 - the Seventh Day of the World Junior Championships

  • Most people who follow table tennis know that there are lots of former Chinese players for other countries now. However, it just occurred to me that lots of coaches are Chinese, too. For this tournament, I've noticed that the coaches of the USA, Spain, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and England are all Chinese!
  • Surprisingly, the boys team event winner China had only one player in the boys semi-final! It showed how competitive the event of the boys singles was. Actually, China won the team but not easily. They were challenged by England in the quarter, France in the semi, and Korea in the final. No obvious dominance as the girls' side.

12/13 - the Sixth Day of the World Junior Championships

(check out Gerry Chua's tournament photo coverage)

Another exciting day. The youngest Chinese player, born 1994, finally played. He did not play the team event but was ejected by the umpire not once but twice! I watched his match with the eighteen-year-old Matiss Burgis, aka Latvia Hope. Matiss is 25 in the world in the U18 category and 9th seed in the tournament while Zhang Shengwunan does not have a world ranking and was the "D" player in the preliminary round robin. However, Zhang played toe-to-toe with Burgis and won 14-12 in the fifth! The rallies were very amazing. It's mind-boggling how a 13-year-old can play like that.

12/12 - the Fifth Day of the World Junior Championships

(The first photo was shot by me using the point-and-shoot camera. The second and third photos are courtesy of Dan Lin.)

Boys' and Girls' singles round robin started today. Although tried very hard, not a good day for the USA teens. All of them were out of the tournament in the singles events. Not too good in the mixed doubles event, either. All US teams stopped at the round of 64. Let's hope in a few years, the next batch will do better.

Let's hope they will do better in the boys doubles and girls doubles.

Lots of photos are at Gerry Chua's website.

12/11 - the Fourth Day of the World Junior Championships

Mixed doubles started today. Lots of new faces. Some countries did not qualify for the team events sent their players to play the individual events.

Just occurred to me that among all players who played the team events, boys and girls, there was only ONE penhold player! (a Turkish player) What's the matter with the sport!:-)

Chinese boys and girls teams won their respective team event. Chinese girls beat Romania team easily at 3:0. Only the second match was contested. However, it was entirely different for the boys team. They was challenged by England in the quarter, France in the semi-final, and finally Korea in the final. All three team ties were very exciting. Especially in the final, Korean lead 2:1 after the third match. China came back to win two cliffhanging matches to win the title.

In the fifth game in the fifth match, the Chinese player was call service faults not only once but twice! Furthermore, two players were tossed out by the umpire. In my opinion, if the player did not serve legally, the umpire should have call the fault early in the match. I don't believe the player's serve became illegal all of a sudden.

However, I don't quite agree with the move the Chinese player pulled after he won. He jumped on the table and pumped his fists. Were there a player jumps on the MSC table, I think we will kick him out.:-) I was worried for a while that what if the umpire red carded the player after he won the match and the tie! Has it ever happened before?

Anyway, the disagreement was between the umpires and the Chinese team. After the tie, both team shook hands amicably without and incident.

12/10 - the Third Day of the World Junior Championships

Sorry, no photos. There are photos at the ITTF site though.

The team semi-final was nerve-wrecking. China was very closed to get eliminated. However, they came back to win it 11:9 in the fifth game in the fifth match.

One of the Chinese players was red carded because of illegal coaching during the match. However, IMO, the referee did not handle it entirely properly. When the competition was concluded, the Chinese coach did not sign the result right away because he found that the umpire only recorded the red card to China but did not write down the yellow card to France. Some people reported that the Chinese was contested about their red card. It is only partial true. It is more to France's yellow card. The official's explanation was, "Oh, I forgot."

You have to come to see the competition to feel how intense it was. France lost but they should keep their heads up. They played brilliantly.

12/9 Second Day of the WJTTC

A short and no-nonsense opening ceremony was held at the Maples Pavilion. A 10-year-old girl sang the National anthem to kick off the ceremony.

The team quarter finals were incredible. As strong as the Chinese teams, both boys and girls teams were seriously challenged by their opponents. They prevailed eventually but not without sweating a bit.

Check out ITTF's website for complete results.

12/8 First Day of the WJTTC

Just a couple of photos and video clips from the first day. USA Girls beat Brazil 3:2. Judy Hugh won both her matches!

Glad to see Fan Yiyong again. He and Lily Yip coach the boys and girls team respectively.

A very exciting first day. The competition level was unbelievably high. I am sure it will only get better as the tournament goes on. Don't miss it!

12/1/2007 Weblog Update

  • Thanks to all participants. We raised $845 from the 12/2 Doubles Tournament. The fund will be used for the 2008 USATT Team League. I will take care of 3 teams. I think Barry will take care of at least 2 teams and Dan Lin will be the captain of his long-pips team. We have enough players to form more teams. However, we need players to step up. Team captains are needed. Barry, Dan, and I can only do this much. Email me if you are interested.
  • The Nov/Dec issue of Table Tennis Illustrated has arrived. (Not bad. Only a month late.:-))
  • 12/1 RR: (full result)
    1. Michael Sung
    2. Nelson Yu
    3. James Nguyen
    4. Joseph Dinh
    5. Claire Yeh
  • Congratulations to all winners. 7328 matches have been played since the League started in 2003.
  • 12/8 RR is full. Please sign up for 12/15. Please email me at bay_tt@yahoo.com to sign up. No need to email to the whole group. Thanks.
  • Financial position:
    $45: RR
    Expense: $0
    Balance: $7,351.57

2007 MSC Doubles Tournament Results

(Photo by Dan Lin, here are the rest of the photos by Dan.)

Thanks to Milpitas Sports Center, iGoLogic, Go Table Tennis, Killerspin, and India Community Center who made the tournament possible. Also, thanks to Annie Li from Tri-Valley TT Club who brought us lots of delicious snacks. Of course, many thanks to the volunteers and participants. Hope you all had fun and a great year!

All top seed in Division A, B, and C won their group, respectively. However, it was very different in Division D, Claire and Stanley was ranked 5th. They were undefeated to win the division. Anil and Mike also beat the odd winning division E. Nelson and Dan were last in group B but fought their way up to finish second.

Full result is here.
  • Division A: 1st Hailong Shen/Jiaqi Zheng, 2nd Kevin Au/Terry Young
  • Division B: 1st Spencer Chase/Myron Lee, 2nd Nelson Yu/Dan Lin
  • Division C: 1st Bo Ding/Gary Fang, 2nd Barry Or/Wen Huang
  • Division D: 1st Claire Yeh/Stanley Sun, 2nd Danny Hui/Aaron Hui
  • Division E: 1st Anil Dhupelia/Mike Labins, 2nd Pat Castro/Lin Xu
38 adults and 6 kids celebrated our year-end at Michael Liu's restaurant Champion Teppanyaki in Fremont. I am sure we all had fun!

ICC California State Open Videos/Slideshows

Chen Longcan and Xiao Wei Footage