12/10 - the Third Day of the World Junior Championships

Sorry, no photos. There are photos at the ITTF site though.

The team semi-final was nerve-wrecking. China was very closed to get eliminated. However, they came back to win it 11:9 in the fifth game in the fifth match.

One of the Chinese players was red carded because of illegal coaching during the match. However, IMO, the referee did not handle it entirely properly. When the competition was concluded, the Chinese coach did not sign the result right away because he found that the umpire only recorded the red card to China but did not write down the yellow card to France. Some people reported that the Chinese was contested about their red card. It is only partial true. It is more to France's yellow card. The official's explanation was, "Oh, I forgot."

You have to come to see the competition to feel how intense it was. France lost but they should keep their heads up. They played brilliantly.

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