12/11 - the Fourth Day of the World Junior Championships

Mixed doubles started today. Lots of new faces. Some countries did not qualify for the team events sent their players to play the individual events.

Just occurred to me that among all players who played the team events, boys and girls, there was only ONE penhold player! (a Turkish player) What's the matter with the sport!:-)

Chinese boys and girls teams won their respective team event. Chinese girls beat Romania team easily at 3:0. Only the second match was contested. However, it was entirely different for the boys team. They was challenged by England in the quarter, France in the semi-final, and finally Korea in the final. All three team ties were very exciting. Especially in the final, Korean lead 2:1 after the third match. China came back to win two cliffhanging matches to win the title.

In the fifth game in the fifth match, the Chinese player was call service faults not only once but twice! Furthermore, two players were tossed out by the umpire. In my opinion, if the player did not serve legally, the umpire should have call the fault early in the match. I don't believe the player's serve became illegal all of a sudden.

However, I don't quite agree with the move the Chinese player pulled after he won. He jumped on the table and pumped his fists. Were there a player jumps on the MSC table, I think we will kick him out.:-) I was worried for a while that what if the umpire red carded the player after he won the match and the tie! Has it ever happened before?

Anyway, the disagreement was between the umpires and the Chinese team. After the tie, both team shook hands amicably without and incident.

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