12/15 - the Last Day of the World Junior Championships

  • The much-expected Germany/China girls singles match today turned out to be lopsided. Apparently Chinese spent their evening to find a solution to play against Solja, aka Harry Potter, who knocked out the top Chinese girl the previous night. The Chinese coach used longpips to feed balls to Wen Jia before the match. Evidently, it worked. Wen contained Solja throughout the match.
  • The all Chinese girls' semi-final was surprisingly good! The favored Mu Zi could not hit through her teammate Yang Yang. Mu's attack was awesome. However, Yang seemed to be able to return almost anything. Quite a lesson on defense!
  • The all Korean boys' semi-final was quite boring though. Only had good rallies occasionally. Maybe they know each other too well.
  • The second boys' semi-final was really something. The Russia boy took the first two games quickly. His attack was simply too strong. However, the Chinese boy was not intimated. He figured out how to control the Russian. The rallies were amazing. Those spectators who fell asleep during the previous all Korean match woke up. Great performance!
  • The all-Chinese Girls Doubles was pretty exciting. Lots of beautiful rallies. However, Mu Zi did not seem to recover from her singles lost earlier. Sometimes even looked sloppy. At time, she seemed to have a don't-care attitude. Her team inevitably lost to their teammates Li Xiaodan and Wen Jia.
  • In the boys doubles, Chinese team dispatched Japanese team quickly in straight games. It seemed that they wanted to pull back the delayed schedule by the previous match.
  • The all-Chinese Girls Singles was unexpectedly good. Wen Jia and Yang Yang were training partner in China. Wen Jia did well in the beginning but Yang Yang prevailed at the end. No hard feelings!
  • Chinese had only one player made the semi-final. Actually Xu Ruifeng was almost eliminated in the quarter-final as well. He was down 0-3 but came back to win at 4-3 in the quarter. In the semi-final, he was down 0-2 again but won 4 straight games to make the final. In the final against Korean, Jeong Sang Eun, he started pretty well winning first two games convincingly. The coach must have pointed out to him that coming back is good but kind of risky. Alas, Xu was not used to take the lead. He lost 4 straight games to the Korean. Xu already won the team event, mixed doubles event, and boys doubles event. He could have been the biggest winner of the tournament. Well, he still is but without the boys singles title! There is rumor that the Korean winner Jeong Sang Eun was originally from China. Not sure if it is true. He played brilliantly nevertheless.

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