3/25 Weblog Updates

(Farewell party on 3/8/2008 at MSC)

  • Good news! I was told that after the MSC renovation, we will have more storage space. So, we will purchase 6 Butterfly Centrefold 25 tables - 12 in total!
  • Financial position:
    $1700: from selling 4 Andro tables, 3 @$450, 1 at $350
    Balance: $9,254.32

Western Open Results

(Photo courtesy of Gerry Chua Production)

Great performance for MSCTTers! Full results are at http://www.joolausa.com.

  • Open Singles - 2nd Shen Hailong (defeating former US Nationals Champion in the semi-final), Quarter-finalist Ariel Hsing
  • Under 22 Men - 1st Shen Hailong
  • Under 22 Women - 1st Ariel Hsing
  • Over 40 - 2nd Kenny Tien
  • Over 60 - 1st Mao Lin Zhao
  • Under 10 Boys - 2nd Kanak Jha
  • Under 13 Girls - 1st Prachi Jha
  • Under 10 Girls - 1st Diane Jiang
  • U2500 - 1st Truong Tu, 2nd Kevin Au, semi-finalist Nelson Yu
  • U2375 - Quarter-finalists Jim Chai, Henry Sit, Patrick Wu
  • U2250 - Quarter-finalists Tommy Nguyen, Nelson Yu, Johnny Huang, Patrick Wu
  • U2125 - Semi-finalist Henry Sit, quarter-finalists Mao Lin Zhao, Gary Fang, Kenny Tien
  • U2000 - 1st Gary Fang, 2nd Dan Lin, semi-finalist Bruce Liu, quarter-finalist Barry Or
  • U1850 - semi-finalist Q
  • U1700 - 2nd Prachi Jha, quarter-finalist George Siu
  • U1250 semi-finalist Kanak Jha
  • U800 1st Nathaniel Chu
  • U4200 Doubles - 2nd Tommy Nguyen/Henry, semi-finalists Ariel Hsing/Bruce Liu, Kenny Tien/Dan Lin, quarter-finalists Nelson Yu/Mark Johnson, Johnny Huang/Peter Chung, Vincent Tai/Barry Or
  • U3200 Doubles - 1st Stan Sun/Michael Wong, semi-finalist Q/Claire Yeh

Last Day before the Renovation

3/8 will be the last of MSC before the renovation. Although the renovation schedule is from March through August 10, I heard a rumor it could be done ahead of the schedule. However, it is only a rumor. Let's have our fingers crossed.

Tomorrow, there will be one table for the League. The rest will be for open plays. We will have a big cake and drinks at the end. Join us if you can.

When we come back, we will add two more tables. (12 in total, all Butterfly Centrefold 25) I will see if we can extend the hours on Saturday for one more hour. This way, we can arrange two team contests on one table in one day.

3/1 Weblog Updates

(Back row: Q, Sammy/Isabel/Nathaniel/Anthony Chu, front row: Mark Johnson, Claire Yeh, Barry Or, Jerome Poon, Nelson Yu, Ken Lin)
(Q and Jerome)
  • U2250 : Champion - Tommy Nguyen, 2nd place - Nelson
  • U2100: 2nd place - Tommy Nguyen
  • U1950 : 2nd Place - Barry, semi finalist - Mark
  • U1800: 2nd Sammy
  • U1500 : Champion - Jerry
  • U1050: Semi-finalist Nathaniel
  • U600: Semi-finalist Nathaniel
  • U450: 2nd Isabel
  • U300: Semi-finalist Anthony
  • U3900 Dbls : Champion - Barry/Mark, semi finalist - Q/Sammy
  • U3300 Dbls : Champion - Q/Jerry, 2nd place : Mark/Claire
  • U2900 Dbls : Quarter finalist - Ken/Jerry
  • U2200 Dbls: 2nd - Sammy/Isabel
  • The deadline to enter Western Open in Berkeley is 3/7. If you plan to enter, don't miss the dead line. You can enter the tournament on-line.
  • MSC will still two open days on 3/4 and 3/8 before the gym renovation. We will have a small party on Saturday near 6PM. Come join us if you can. Some light snack and drink will be served. MSC will re-open in Auguest with new floor, bleachers, and air-conditioner.
  • Financial position:
    $9: balls
    $50.00: one-year USATT club affiliation fee renewal
    Balance: $7,554.32

ICC California State Open Videos/Slideshows

Chen Longcan and Xiao Wei Footage