All Good Things Come to an End

After pondering for a long time and consulting with quite a few people, it seems that it makes sense that we will not return to the Milpitas Sports Center after the renovation. Here are the main reasons:

  • Milpitas has two full-time table tennis clubs already. There is also Top Spin not to far away in Santa Clara.
  • The growth potential in MSC is very limited due to the storage space and lack of time slots.
  • The cost. If you go to MSC twice a week, the drop-in fee is likely more expensive then the membership fees in most clubs.
Anyway, I think MSCTT has served its purpose. We can proudly brag that Milpitas has become the table tennis hot spot in the US. Altogether we made it happen.
  • 412 MSCTT group subscribers
  • 372 players participated in the largest USATT Singles League
  • Everything was run by volunteers. No funding whatsoever but players' contribution.
  • Great results locally and nationally
Although we will not have a physical location from now on, we will keep the mailing list for information dissemination purpose. Also, we will keep promoting the sport using the remaining fund. I promise that the money will be used wisely. A Board of Advisers will be formed to monitor the progress. Let me know if you are interested or have any question about it.

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