MSCTTers in Beijing II

(Bruce, Patrick and Simon Ng) Simon used to play at Milpitas Sports Center. He and Vincent Tai won the U3700 doubles title at the US National several years ago. Simon relocated back to Hong Kong about 3 years ago.

If you want an official dragon shirt the Chinese TT team is wearing, it is available at $499 RMB apiece. Patrick bought the red one. The blue shirt is also available but not the black one.

(QiYing Yin and Larry Lee) Mr. Yin had played at Milpitas Sports Center since the beginning of the MSC until a couple of years ago. He currently lives in Beijing. Larry still lives in Fremont and now an ICC player.

I've made an executive decision to offer Mr. Duck the honorary player of the MSC and am glad that Mr. Duck accepted. Believe me. It is a 2800 level duck! Once approved by Rajul, I intend to induct the duck to the ICC board.:-)

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