The Stage is Set

(Fan Yiyong)

Check out the on-line coverage for the turnament and the web streaming schedule.

Ariel Turned 14 Today!

Happy 14th birthday, Ariel!
  • World ranking as of November 2009
    • Girls Under 15: 18th
    • Girls Under 18: 75th
    • Girls Under 21: 146th

USATT Developmental Coach

Guess who won it? The Bay Area's Rajul Sheth! What? It was an old news? I thought it was when I read the press release. It turns out Rajul repeated the title again this year! I swear I did not nominate him this time.:-)


US Girls Updates

Gustavo Levisman (far left) and Emilia Georghe (far right) prepared their teams in Tokyo. Photo By: Courtesy of Dejan Papic

  • Prachi Jha not only got a Bronze medal in Venezuela. She made the quarter-final in the Girls' singles! Doing so, she pre-qualified for the 2010 Cadet Championship event in Dominic Republic.Congratulations.
  • Ariel and Lily will start to compete in the 2009 ITTF Cadet Challenge & ITTF Junior Circuit Finals in Tokyo tomorrow. Let's root for them!

Tournament Deadline

(ICC tournament in May)

Just a reminder:
You don't want to pay the late fee!

Victor Liu at Berkeley Club Championships

Victor won the division 6! Congratulations!

KOFY TV 20 "Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area" Interviewed Ariel Hsing

KOFY "Cali-Hi Sports" producer Robert Braunstein and reporter Kevin Gehl interviewed Ariel Hsing at ICC on 10/5/2009.

Will be aired on Sunday 10/11 at 6 PM and 11 PM.

USATT Strategic Planning Session

The meeting will be held next week in Colorado Spring. The full attendee list is in the list. Here is the Bay Area representatives: (Or have close relationships)

  • Larry Thoman (Newgy - former BATTF title sponsor for a few seasons)
  • Dennis Davis (Palo Alto TTC)
  • Whitney Ping (BATTF player, graduated from Stanford this year)
  • Sean O’Neill (Conducted training camps this summer)
  • Carl Danner (USATT Magazine contributor and an active league player)
  • Larry Hodges (Former USATT magazine editor. Helped out the summer camp in Bay Area)
  • Rajul Sheth (ICC)
  • Richard Lee (Runs most attended tournaments in the US and the Bay Area)
  • Judy Hoarfrost (Paddle Palace - the BATTF ball sponsor since season one)
  • Bowie Martin (Butterfly - the current BATTF major sponsor)
They are the movers and shakers. If you know any of them, make sure they know your concerns.

2009 Berkeley Open

Congratulations to all winners!

Full result from NATT.

Open Singles:

  • Final: Weijian Zhang over Eugene Wang
  • Semi-finals:
    • Eugene Wang over Anal Kashyap
    • Weijian Zhang over Cheng Yi Du
  • Quarter finals:
    • Eugene Wang over Siliang Wang
    • Anal Kashyap over Barney Reed
    • ChengYi Du over Ariel Hsing
    • Weijain Zhang over Ge Jie Mai
Women's Singes:
  • 1st: Ge Jie Mai (2:3 lost to Lily, 3:1 over Ariel)
  • 2nd: Lily Zhang (2:3 lost to Ariel, 3:2 over Mai)
  • 3rd: Ariel Hsing (1:3 lost to Mai, 3:2 over Lily)
More results coming when available.

Farewell Keith

(Keith played at the Alameda tournament)

Farewell, Keith! Keith came to the Bay Area from Taiwan last year with his parents on an overseas business assignment. He showed great passion towards the sport. While most of juniors train hard during their training sessions, they go home almost right away after the training sessions. Keith was different. He stuck around to challenge big bad adults. He even came to the club when there was no group training or private lesson for him. Actually, on his last night in the USA (8/29/09), he chose to stay at the club to play. He played till the last minute when the club was closing for the night.

Chen family will move back to Taiwan today. Let's wish them well and hope they will come back soon.

Singtao Daily - 8/28/2009

( 本報記者江智慧灣區報道 )


這次比賽是三賽合一,包括北美錦標賽(North American Championship)、泛美選拔賽(Pan America Trials )、加拿大青年錦標賽(Canadian Junior Open)。這四位灣區球員邢延華、張安、孫維慈、郭維佳,在這次比賽中都拿下多面獎牌。他們是香港、台灣、中國大陸移民的第二代,學業體育兼優。另二位 球員則來自南加州及德州。

邢延華今年13歲,住聖荷西。個人得到七面金牌。包括北美錦標賽青年單打金牌、少年單打金牌、團體金牌、泛美選拔賽女子單打金牌、加拿大青年錦標賽少年單 打金牌、雙打金牌、團體金牌。當初雙親打乒乓球帶著邢延華一起去,她日漸產生興趣發揮天分,至今學了六年半,目前一天最少練三小時,一星期練六天。她表 示,乒乓球很好玩,到很多地方比賽,認識更多人,將來希望拿奧運金牌、提高美國乒乓球水平。今年中美建交30年,她曾代表美國隊到中國進行友誼賽。由於球 藝精湛,股神巴菲特生日時還請他來派對打球,因此他小小年紀見過許多名人,包括比爾蓋茲。她的母親表示,練球訓練了她吃苦難勞、解決困難、接觸不同的環境 與人物,增長見識。

張安今年13歲,住波羅阿多,這次拿到四金三銀,分別是加拿大青年錦標賽青年單打、少年雙打、青年團體及北美錦標賽團體金牌等。她說,打乒乓球相當有趣, 還可以認識新朋友。若球場上失敗,也可累積經驗。她每天練二小時,所以分配時間相當重要,學校老師也相當體諒。今年六月去日本參加日本世界錦標賽,是年紀 最小的選手,還因此見到乒乓球世界排名第一張的張怡寧,見到偶像讓她非常開心。她的目標是奧運金牌。母親則表示,乒乓球很適合張安喜歡交朋友的個性。也很 開心看到她體育與課業兼顧。

孫維慈今年13 歲,住美國山景城,至今練球五年。本來學騎馬過敏而改學游泳、溜冰、體操,對乒乓球興趣高、有天分,以其球齡來說起步較晚,比賽成績已相當不錯。這次拿到 北美錦標賽團體金牌、加拿大青年錦標賽青年單打、雙打銀牌、少年單打雙打銅牌。她的母親表示,學乒乓球主要是為了訓練孩子的毅力、時間安排、人生技巧,拿 獎牌則是額外的獎勵。她說,張維慈起步晚卻一路追趕不放棄拿到今日成績,是最大成就。她會說中、英、法文,母親以張維慈小小年紀卻努力不倦而自豪,目前跟 多國教練學習,Facebook上有義大利、阿拉伯、日本各國朋友,開拓視野。

郭維佳住三藩市,學球已經七年,這次拿到北美錦標賽青年單打銅牌、青年團體金牌、加拿大青年錦標賽青年組雙打金牌、青年組團體銀牌。目前是三藩市洛威爾高 中學生,為了將來進大學,她跟雙親有共識逐漸將重心放在課業上,目前練習較少。她的母親說,練球以來,郭維佳增加自信心、學習獨立,年紀小小已經一個人到 世界各地比賽、夏季回中國受訓。練球也增進她的分析能力、應付各種狀況。

灣區乒乓球聯賽的主席劉哮虎表示,美國並非乒乓球強國,通常是因為前中國國家代表隊球員來到美國代表美國出賽,美國隊才能在世界乒乓球界提高能見度,球員 都不是本地培養出來。如今這幾位小將都是美國生長培養出來的好手,是美國乒乓球界的新希望。球員將於9月赴智利參加另一場巡迴賽。

Victor Liu won the U850 Event in the Sacramento Tournament

Our boy Victor Liu did well in the Sacramento tournament, too!

The Skynet is Coming!

Petty soon we may see robots play against each other!

Real time action followed by slow motion:

Alameda Tournament - 2nd Result and Photos

Sunday Winners -

Under 18 - Chu, Nathaniel
Over 40 - Au, Kevin Duong
Open Doubles - A.Kashyap/D.Kurimay
UNDER 1600 - Chu, Nathaniel
UNDER 1300 - So, Preston
Open Singles - Zheng, Jiaqi

Victor Shone in the Alameda Tournament

(Victor Liu and Coach Tang GaoLin)
  • Winner in U500
  • Semi-finalist in Under 10
  • Semi-finalist in U900

$100,000 Hardbat Classic 8/27 on ESPN

Thanks to Dennis Davis to discover this clip.

How many local players you recognize?

I heard a rumor the prize for the next year will be even crazier! Sign up for the coming Hardbat Clinic near you!:-)

Northern California Players 2009 US Open Report Card

(Pingali family)
Incredible result!
Let me know if I missed any one.

* Including players from the visiting India Cadet and Junior teams

2009 US Open Day 3

(Prachi Jha and Kanak Jha)
(Diane Jiang)

(Michael Sung, Patrick Wu, Nelson Yu, Bruce Liu, Mark Johnson)

Bay Area Players:
  • Buffet Open (The most prestigious event at the US Open)
    • Bruce Liu tied with Mark Johnson - co-winners
    • 6 buffets (Rio, Paris, Mirage, Hilton, Korean BBQ, and MGM)
    • 3 buffets within the first 24 hours. Slowed down due to busy schedule during the tournament. Picked it up at the end!
  • Men's Singles
    • Zhang Weijian (Dojo) - quarter-finalist
  • Women's Singles
    • Zheng JiaQi (Dojo) - quarter- finalist
  • Men's Doubles
    • Stefan Feth (TTGold/TopSpin) - quarter-finalist (w/ Peter Franz)
  • Women's Doubles
    • Jackie Lee/Dora Kurimay (Alameda) - semi-finalist
    • Zheng JiaQi (Dojo) - quarter-finalist (w/ Mai Gei Jie)
  • U21 Men's Singles
    • Zhang Weijian (Dojo) - finalist
    • Mohit Verma (ICC, visiting from India) - semi-finalist
    • Sourav Saha (ICC, visiting from India) - semi-finalist
    • Hailong Shen (ICC) - quarter-finalist
  • U21 Women's Singles
    • Monika Batra (ICC, visiting from India) - finalist (upset top seed Zhang Mo)
    • Ariel Hsing - semi-finalist
    • Reeth T Rishya (ICC, visiting from India) - quarter-finalist
  • Over 30 Men's Singles
    • Shashin Shohdan (Fremont) - quarter-finalist
  • Over 50 Men's Singles
    • Horace Cheng (Tri-Valley) - 8's
    • Mark Johnson (ICC) - 8's
  • Over 65
    • Hongzhi Chen (Palo Alto) - semi-finalist
  • Over 40 Doubles
    • Michael Sung (ICC)/Joey Hu (Palo Alto) - semi-finalists
  • Junior Boys (5 out 8 quarter-finalists!)
    • Sourav Saha (ICC, visiting from India) - 2nd
    • Ramesh Venkatraman (ICC, visiting from India) - semi-finalist
    • Vasanthphillips, Nitin (ICC, visiting from India) - winner
    • Mohit Verma (ICC, visiting from India) - quarter-finalist
    • Rajib Sarkar (ICC, visiting from India) - quarter-finalist
  • Junior Girls (4 out 8 quarter-finalists!)
    • Natalie Sun (TTGold) - winner
    • Sumanna R. Krishnan (ICC, visiting from India) - semi-finalist
    • Ariel Hsing - semi-finalist
    • Varshali Prashade (ICC, visiting from India) - quarter-finalist
  • Cadet Boys
    • Rajib Sarkar (ICC) - either finalist or winner
  • Cadet Girls (5 out 8 quarter-finalists!)
    • T Reeth Rishya (ICC, visiting from India) - finalist
    • Natalie Sun (TTGold) - semi-finalist
    • Monika Batra (ICC, visiting from India) - quarter-finalsit
    • Vivian Sun (Sunset TTC) - quarter-finalist
    • Camila Sil (ICC, visiting from India) - quarter-finalist
  • Boys Under 13
    • David Zhen (Alameda) - quarter-finalist
    • Arjun Desai (Sunset) - semi-finalist
  • Girls Under 13 (5 out 8 quarter-finalists!)
    • Prachi Jha (Palo Alto) - winner
    • Erica Tran (Sunset) - finalist
    • Vivian Sun (Sunset) - semi-finalist
    • Isabelle Chu (TopSpin) - quarter-finalist
    • Diane Jiang - quarter-finalist
  • Boys Under 11
    • Kanak Jha (Palo Alto) - semi-finalist
    • Shivansh Singla (Sunset) - quarter-finalist
    • Mathew Tran (Sunset) - quarter-finalist
  • Girls Under 11
    • Diane Jiang - winner
    • Vidya Pingali (ICC) - quarter-finalist
    • Hannah Tong (Dojo) - quarter-finalist
  • Boys Under 9
    • Kanak Jha (Palo Alto) - winner
    • Howard Tong (Dojo) - semi-finalist
  • U2600
    • Trevor Runyan (Palo Alto) - quarter-finalist
  • U2400
    • Shashin Shodhan (Fremont) - winner
    • Sean Lee - semi-finalist
    • Arthur Breton (Alameda) - quarter-finalists
  • U2200
    • Brian Chen (Palo Alto) - 8's
    • Barry Or (ICC) - 8's
    • Nelson Yu (ICC) - 8's
  • U2050
    • Steven Li (ICC) - quarter-finalist
    • Johnny Huang (Alameda) - quarter-finalist
    • Patrick Wu (ICC) - quarter-finalist
  • U1900
    • David Zeng (Alameda) - quarter-finalist
  • U1750
    • Terrence Sun (Sunset) - winner
    • Aarsh Shah (ICC) - 2nd
    • Mathew Tran - quarter-finalist
  • U1450
    • Isabel Chu (TopSpin) - quarter-finalist
    • Avinash Nayak (ICC) - quarter-finalist
  • U1200
    • Larry Yang (Palo Alto) - 2nd
    • Avinash Nayak (ICC) - semi-finalist
  • U1000
    • Matt Moriguchi (Concord) - winner
    • Srivatsav Tangirala (ICC) - semi-finalist
    • Anthony Chu (TopSpin) - quarter-finalist
  • U800
    • Matt Moriguchi (Concord) - semi-finalist
  • U4200 Doubles
    • Terry Tam/Kenney Mock (SF) - winner
    • Nelson Yu/Andrew Tung (ICC) - 2nd
    • Michael Sung/Bruce Liu (ICC) - semi-finalist
  • Hardbat RR
    • Trevor Runyan (Palo Alto) - winner
    • Freddie Gabriel (Alameda) - semi-finalist
  • Hardbat Doubles
    • Bruce Liu (ICC) - 2nd (w/ Larry Hodges)
  • Hardbat Over 40 Singles
    • Robert Palgon (ICC) - quarter-finalist
  • Hardbat U2000 RR
    • Mike Lee (Berkeley) - winner
Let me know if I missed any one.

You may go check it yourself at:

US Open Day 2 - Liang DengSheng vs. Chen Weixing

Men's Singles Open
Chen had a hard time playing against Liang!:-)

US Open Day 1 - Breaking News!

(Kenny Mock and Terry Tam)
(Andrew Tung and Nelson Yu)
(Kelly Tung)

Bay Area dominated the U4200 Doubles! Three out of four teams in the semi-final were from the Bay Area. Congratulations to Terry Tam and Kenny Mock who saved two match points in the fifth game in the final.
  • U4200
  • 1st Terry Tam/Kenny Mock
  • 2nd Nelson Yu/Andrew Tung
  • Semi-finalist Michael Sung/Bruce Liu, Justin Nguyen/Jasmine Nguyen
Your truly also made the final in the Hardbat Open Doubles.:-)

6/28 ICC US Open Warmup Mini Tournament - Result

Click here for individual photo

  • Over 1700 Singles
    1. Venkatraman, R.
    2. Vasanthphillips, Nitin
  • Under 1800 Singles
    1. Nguyen, James
    2. Chhatrapal, Jadeja
  • Open Doubles
    1. Venkatraman, R. / Rajib, Sarkar
    2. Vasanthphillips, Nitin / Mohit, Verma
  • U3700 Doubles
    1. 1st: Kushal, Sangtani / Chhatrapal, Jadeja
    2. 2nd: Zhao, George / Chung, Peter

6/28 ICC US Open Warmup Mini Tournament

Player list: (Updated daily)


  • Not a USATT sanctioned tournament. No memberships required and no rating fee. Will NOT affect your rating.
  • Air-conditioned venue
  • Events:
    • Open Doubles - 3-way RR, one team advance to the single elimination payoff
    • U3700 Doubles - 3-way RR, one team advance to the single elimination payoff
    • Over 1700 Singles - 4-way RR, two players advance to the single elimination playoffs
    • Under 1800 Singles - 4-way RR, two players advance to the single elimination playoffs
    • Player between 1700 to 1800 can choose which singles RR to enter or both. Only one doubles event allowed per player.
  • When: Sunday, 6/28/2009
    • 10:00 AM - Open Doubles/U3700 Doubles
    • 12:00 PM - Over 1700 Singles RR
    • 14:00 PM - U1800 Singles RR
  • Where: ICC, 1453 N. Milpitas, Blvd. Milpitas, CA
  • Entry fee:
    • Over 1700 Singles - $15 per player
    • U1800 Singles - $15 per player
    • U3700 Doubles - $20 per team
    • Open Doubles - $20 per team
  • Prize:
    • Over 1700 Singles: 1st $100, 2nd $50
    • Under 1800 Singles: 1st one shirt, 2nd one t-shirt
    • Open Doubles: 1st $80, 2nd $40 (per team)
    • U3700 Doubles: 1st two shirts, 2nd one shirt, one t-shirt
  • How to Enter: The entry is closed! Saturday.
    • Through Paypal to "" (credit card accepted, no Paypal account needed)
    • In person at ICC. (by cash or check)
    • Please email me your phone number, rating, and USATT ID when you enter.
  • Rating: The higher of the most recent USATT League rating or Tournament rating will be used for seeding.
  • Deadline: By noon on Saturday. (6/27)

Email me if you have any question.

Sign up quickly. Space is limited.

All twelve India Junior/Cadet teams members will play. (Singles or doubles or both)

6/20/2009 Tri-Valley Chinese Tournament

(Click above slideshow to see bigger one or each individual photo)

Here is the unofficial partial result. Let me know if I missed any one.
  • Open Singles - 1st Hailong Shen, 2nd Avishy Schmidt, 3rd Arthur Breton, 4th Michael Sung
  • Open Doulbes - 1st Avishy/Arthur, 2nd Ming Zhng/Wilson, 3rd Nelson/Joey, 4th Michael/Bruce, 5th Mark/Barry and Eric/Thomas
  • Women's Open - 1st Ariel Hsing, 2nd Sylvan Guo
  • U18 Girls - 1st Ariel Hsing, 2nd Sylvan Guo, 3rd Isabel Chu
  • Open Team - 1st Alameda TTC, 2nd Lawton TTC, 3rd ICC the Incredibles I (Nelson, Joey, Michael, Ming), 4th Tri-Valley TTC
  • Over 40 Advanced - 4th Sammy Chu
  • Over 50 - 1st Kock Loe, 2nd Mark Johnson
  • Under 40 - 1st Nelson Yu, 2nd Wayne Kuang, 3rd/4th Michael Sung, Steven Li
  • Under 10 - 1st Anthony Chu, 2nd Victor Liu
  • Under 12 Boys - 2nd Nathaniel Chu, 3rd Anthony Chu
  • Under 12 Girls - 1st Isabel Chu, 2nd Diane Jiang
  • Intermediate Doubles - 1st Isabel Chu/Nathaniel Chu
  • U 40 Intermediate - 3rd Nathaniel Chu
  • Advanced Doubles - 1st George Zhao/Aaron Hui, 2nd Barry Or/Jason Huang, 3rd Nathaniel Chu/Sammy Chu

Developmental Coach of the Year

(Aashay, Steven, Rajul, Krish, and Aarsh)

Good news keeps happening in Northern California table tennis community! Rajul won the Developmental Coach of the Year!

What? An old news? Gotcha! You probably heard that Rajul won the USATT 2008 Developmental Coach of the Year a few months ago. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you the 2008 USOC Developmental Coach of the Year - Rajul Sheth!

There is only one DCOY a year among all sports in the US Olympic Committee. To win this award, Rajul had to compete with sports like basketball, swimming, gymnastics, and etc. No one else in table tennis has won this award since the USOC started this award in 1996.

Rajul will be will be presented with his award on June 13 during a luncheon at the 2009 National Coaching Educators' Conference in Pittsburgh. The conference will be held at the Sheraton Station Square and hosted by West Virginia University’s Athletic Coaching Education Department.

Congratulations - not just to Rajul but to the sport of the Table Tennis.

1996 Jeff Shaffer, University of Southern California
1997 Dianne Holum, Speedskating
1998 Mike Stafford, Millvale Golden Gloves Gym (Cincinnati)
1999 Tom Healy, Northbrook (Ill.) Speedskating Club
2000 Fred Zimny, Luge (Lake Placid, N.Y.)
2001/02 Mike Eaves, U.S. National Under-18 Hockey Team
2003 Bob Fraley, Fresno State (Calif.) University Track & Field
2004 Dwayne Miller, Norfolk (Va.) Real Deal Track Club
2005 Tammy Gambill, U.S. Figure Skating
2006 Mark Mitchell and Peter Johansson, U.S. Figure Skating
2007 Paul Yetter, USA Swimming
2008 Rajul Sheth, Table Tennis (Milpitas, Calif.)

ICC Mother's Day Tournament - Day 3

(Volunteers with the Open Singles finalists Thilina Piyadasa and Hailong Shen)

Highlight of the Open Singles:

Who says that Table Tennis is not popular in the US? On a Mother's Day, ICC tournament still managed to draw hundreds of spectators! It was a table tennis festival!

Unlike the first two days, the tournament was dominant by out-of-town players on Sunday. Three out of six events was won by out-of-towners! The Open Singles was won by Thilina Piyadasa who was in the Sri Lanka national team and now lives in Los Angeles. Martin Rogers from England was a big surprise for the tournament. With a USATT rating of 1916 dated 11/7/2004, he wiped out a troop of the Bay Area players to win the U2150 and U2350 events. His only loss was to the tournament top-seeded player Barney Reed. After the match, Barney's remark was, "That is the best 1900 players I've played!" Well, at least Martin did not play the U2000 event!

The Chu's were big winners too. Anthony, Isabel, and Nathaniel won 5 trophies in the tournament. Sammy will soon need a bigger house to accommodate the trophies these kids bring home.

The complete result is at:

ICC Mother's Day Tournament - Day 2

(Andrew Tung with wife and daughter)

Inspired by Isabel Chu who won two events yesterday, Andrew won U1850 and U2000 singles and made the semi-final in U3700 doubles. He was undefeated in singles (13-0) and only lost one doubles match on Saturday! Let's see how much damage he can make on Sunday. Players, be careful. Be very careful.

In addition to Isabel and Andrew, not satisfied with winning "only" one event on Friday, Mohit Kumar won his second event on Saturday, too.

Local players defended their territory very well. John Hanna from Auburn was the only out of town player who won an event so far. There were also players from San Diego and Sacramento today. There will be more out-of-town players on Sunday. For example, Ben Johnson from England and Thilina Piyadasa from Sri Lanka. Well, I exaggerated a bit. They live in LA metropolitan area now.

Lots of action and excitment on Saturday and the highest event was only U2000! Can't wait for Sunday!

Complete result for the first two days are available at:

ICC Mother's Day Tournament - Day 1

(Chu's: Sammy, Isabel, Nathaniel, Anthony)

Looking at these crowds, would you believe this is only for U400 and Junior events only today?
The Girl's U12 and U15 finals were played back to back by the same two girls - Diane Jiang and Isebelle Chu. Oh, boy! (or should it have been oh, girl?) Weren't they good matches? Spectators stayed to watch them play two matches in a row. Given a few years, we may have a couple of cadet team members again.

Here is Friday's result:

Ariiel and Lily at the 2009 World Championships

Ariel and Lily will represent Team USA to compete in the 2009 World Championships in Yokohama in Japan from 4/28 to 5/5/2009. Go, girls!

Party for Henry Sit and Mark Johnson

Henry finished school and will go back to China to work. We wish him a prosperous future.

Mark, Mr. Ping Pong, just had his 55th birthday. Sure doesn't look like a 55-year-old.

Happy Easter and Table Tennis Resurrection

Not sure if inspired by ICC, the second mega table tennis club has opened in Southern California! And guess what? Off the record, don't tell anyone just yet, I was told that there will be another one open next month.:-) Although won't be as big but will be operated by a well respected coach. I'm sure you will hear about it soon. 

The new LATTA club in southern California has pushed the envelope very high. The club features:
  • 10K+ square feet floor area 
  • High ceiling
  • Competition grade floor mat
  • Pro shop
  • Great full-time coaches (US Nationals Champion Crystal Huang and former US Women's team member Tawny Banh for now) 
  • Three weekly round robins
Most of all, their passion. Although overwhelmed by so much unexpected administration "chores", everyone involved truly believe in the sport.

LATTA is at 10180 Valley Boulevard, El Monte, CA 91731

4/4 Doubles RR Result

(Group 1 winner Henry Sit and Tony Dhami)

(Group 2 winners Q and Bo)

(Group 3 winners George Zhao and Jingbin Wang)

Complete result is at:

Winners Photos

Open Singles Winners
(Andy Wang, Jitendra Gidla, Rajul Sheth, Steven Wang, Hailong Shen)

Full results are at

More are coming!

Yet Another Breaking News!

(Rajul, in blue, coached the ICC California State Men's Singles winner Jitendra Gidla in December 2008)
Rajul Sheth won the USATT 2008 Developmental Coach of the Year. USATT also submitted Rajul, along with the winners from the other categories, to the U.S. Olympic Committee as a part of their larger selection process for a Coach of the Year (COY) recognition program that includes all Olympic Program Sports.

The winners of the USATT 2008 coaches are:

  • National Coach of the Year – Teodor (Doru) Gheorghe, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Development Coach of the Year – Rajul Sheth, Milpitas, California
  • Volunteer Coach of the Year – LA Johnston, Pensacola, FL
Congratulations to Rajul! Go, Bay Area!

KOFY TV 20 "Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area"

Emmy Award winner Robert Braunstein, executive producer and host of "Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area" visited ICC on 1/2/09 and interviewed Sylvan, Lily, and Ariel. The interview will be aired on 1/11/09. (TV 20, cable 13)

Originally, "Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area" only intended to cover Sylvan since the program focuses on the high school sports in the Bay Area. However, it looks like Robert was very impressed by the young girls. He ended up interview all three girls. Oh, Rajul, too.:-)

ICC California State Open Videos/Slideshows

Chen Longcan and Xiao Wei Footage