Developmental Coach of the Year

(Aashay, Steven, Rajul, Krish, and Aarsh)

Good news keeps happening in Northern California table tennis community! Rajul won the Developmental Coach of the Year!

What? An old news? Gotcha! You probably heard that Rajul won the USATT 2008 Developmental Coach of the Year a few months ago. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you the 2008 USOC Developmental Coach of the Year - Rajul Sheth!

There is only one DCOY a year among all sports in the US Olympic Committee. To win this award, Rajul had to compete with sports like basketball, swimming, gymnastics, and etc. No one else in table tennis has won this award since the USOC started this award in 1996.

Rajul will be will be presented with his award on June 13 during a luncheon at the 2009 National Coaching Educators' Conference in Pittsburgh. The conference will be held at the Sheraton Station Square and hosted by West Virginia University’s Athletic Coaching Education Department.

Congratulations - not just to Rajul but to the sport of the Table Tennis.

1996 Jeff Shaffer, University of Southern California
1997 Dianne Holum, Speedskating
1998 Mike Stafford, Millvale Golden Gloves Gym (Cincinnati)
1999 Tom Healy, Northbrook (Ill.) Speedskating Club
2000 Fred Zimny, Luge (Lake Placid, N.Y.)
2001/02 Mike Eaves, U.S. National Under-18 Hockey Team
2003 Bob Fraley, Fresno State (Calif.) University Track & Field
2004 Dwayne Miller, Norfolk (Va.) Real Deal Track Club
2005 Tammy Gambill, U.S. Figure Skating
2006 Mark Mitchell and Peter Johansson, U.S. Figure Skating
2007 Paul Yetter, USA Swimming
2008 Rajul Sheth, Table Tennis (Milpitas, Calif.)

ICC Mother's Day Tournament - Day 3

(Volunteers with the Open Singles finalists Thilina Piyadasa and Hailong Shen)

Highlight of the Open Singles:

Who says that Table Tennis is not popular in the US? On a Mother's Day, ICC tournament still managed to draw hundreds of spectators! It was a table tennis festival!

Unlike the first two days, the tournament was dominant by out-of-town players on Sunday. Three out of six events was won by out-of-towners! The Open Singles was won by Thilina Piyadasa who was in the Sri Lanka national team and now lives in Los Angeles. Martin Rogers from England was a big surprise for the tournament. With a USATT rating of 1916 dated 11/7/2004, he wiped out a troop of the Bay Area players to win the U2150 and U2350 events. His only loss was to the tournament top-seeded player Barney Reed. After the match, Barney's remark was, "That is the best 1900 players I've played!" Well, at least Martin did not play the U2000 event!

The Chu's were big winners too. Anthony, Isabel, and Nathaniel won 5 trophies in the tournament. Sammy will soon need a bigger house to accommodate the trophies these kids bring home.

The complete result is at:

ICC Mother's Day Tournament - Day 2

(Andrew Tung with wife and daughter)

Inspired by Isabel Chu who won two events yesterday, Andrew won U1850 and U2000 singles and made the semi-final in U3700 doubles. He was undefeated in singles (13-0) and only lost one doubles match on Saturday! Let's see how much damage he can make on Sunday. Players, be careful. Be very careful.

In addition to Isabel and Andrew, not satisfied with winning "only" one event on Friday, Mohit Kumar won his second event on Saturday, too.

Local players defended their territory very well. John Hanna from Auburn was the only out of town player who won an event so far. There were also players from San Diego and Sacramento today. There will be more out-of-town players on Sunday. For example, Ben Johnson from England and Thilina Piyadasa from Sri Lanka. Well, I exaggerated a bit. They live in LA metropolitan area now.

Lots of action and excitment on Saturday and the highest event was only U2000! Can't wait for Sunday!

Complete result for the first two days are available at:

ICC Mother's Day Tournament - Day 1

(Chu's: Sammy, Isabel, Nathaniel, Anthony)

Looking at these crowds, would you believe this is only for U400 and Junior events only today?
The Girl's U12 and U15 finals were played back to back by the same two girls - Diane Jiang and Isebelle Chu. Oh, boy! (or should it have been oh, girl?) Weren't they good matches? Spectators stayed to watch them play two matches in a row. Given a few years, we may have a couple of cadet team members again.

Here is Friday's result:

ICC California State Open Videos/Slideshows

Chen Longcan and Xiao Wei Footage