ICC Mother's Day Tournament - Day 3

(Volunteers with the Open Singles finalists Thilina Piyadasa and Hailong Shen)

Highlight of the Open Singles:

Who says that Table Tennis is not popular in the US? On a Mother's Day, ICC tournament still managed to draw hundreds of spectators! It was a table tennis festival!

Unlike the first two days, the tournament was dominant by out-of-town players on Sunday. Three out of six events was won by out-of-towners! The Open Singles was won by Thilina Piyadasa who was in the Sri Lanka national team and now lives in Los Angeles. Martin Rogers from England was a big surprise for the tournament. With a USATT rating of 1916 dated 11/7/2004, he wiped out a troop of the Bay Area players to win the U2150 and U2350 events. His only loss was to the tournament top-seeded player Barney Reed. After the match, Barney's remark was, "That is the best 1900 players I've played!" Well, at least Martin did not play the U2000 event!

The Chu's were big winners too. Anthony, Isabel, and Nathaniel won 5 trophies in the tournament. Sammy will soon need a bigger house to accommodate the trophies these kids bring home.

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