6/28 ICC US Open Warmup Mini Tournament - Result

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  • Over 1700 Singles
    1. Venkatraman, R.
    2. Vasanthphillips, Nitin
  • Under 1800 Singles
    1. Nguyen, James
    2. Chhatrapal, Jadeja
  • Open Doubles
    1. Venkatraman, R. / Rajib, Sarkar
    2. Vasanthphillips, Nitin / Mohit, Verma
  • U3700 Doubles
    1. 1st: Kushal, Sangtani / Chhatrapal, Jadeja
    2. 2nd: Zhao, George / Chung, Peter

6/28 ICC US Open Warmup Mini Tournament

Player list: (Updated daily)


  • Not a USATT sanctioned tournament. No memberships required and no rating fee. Will NOT affect your rating.
  • Air-conditioned venue
  • Events:
    • Open Doubles - 3-way RR, one team advance to the single elimination payoff
    • U3700 Doubles - 3-way RR, one team advance to the single elimination payoff
    • Over 1700 Singles - 4-way RR, two players advance to the single elimination playoffs
    • Under 1800 Singles - 4-way RR, two players advance to the single elimination playoffs
    • Player between 1700 to 1800 can choose which singles RR to enter or both. Only one doubles event allowed per player.
  • When: Sunday, 6/28/2009
    • 10:00 AM - Open Doubles/U3700 Doubles
    • 12:00 PM - Over 1700 Singles RR
    • 14:00 PM - U1800 Singles RR
  • Where: ICC, 1453 N. Milpitas, Blvd. Milpitas, CA
  • Entry fee:
    • Over 1700 Singles - $15 per player
    • U1800 Singles - $15 per player
    • U3700 Doubles - $20 per team
    • Open Doubles - $20 per team
  • Prize:
    • Over 1700 Singles: 1st $100, 2nd $50
    • Under 1800 Singles: 1st one shirt, 2nd one t-shirt
    • Open Doubles: 1st $80, 2nd $40 (per team)
    • U3700 Doubles: 1st two shirts, 2nd one shirt, one t-shirt
  • How to Enter: The entry is closed! Saturday.
    • Through Paypal to "bliu911@gmail.com" (credit card accepted, no Paypal account needed)
    • In person at ICC. (by cash or check)
    • Please email me your phone number, rating, and USATT ID when you enter.
  • Rating: The higher of the most recent USATT League rating or Tournament rating will be used for seeding.
  • Deadline: By noon on Saturday. (6/27)

Email me if you have any question.

Sign up quickly. Space is limited.

All twelve India Junior/Cadet teams members will play. (Singles or doubles or both)

6/20/2009 Tri-Valley Chinese Tournament

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Here is the unofficial partial result. Let me know if I missed any one.
  • Open Singles - 1st Hailong Shen, 2nd Avishy Schmidt, 3rd Arthur Breton, 4th Michael Sung
  • Open Doulbes - 1st Avishy/Arthur, 2nd Ming Zhng/Wilson, 3rd Nelson/Joey, 4th Michael/Bruce, 5th Mark/Barry and Eric/Thomas
  • Women's Open - 1st Ariel Hsing, 2nd Sylvan Guo
  • U18 Girls - 1st Ariel Hsing, 2nd Sylvan Guo, 3rd Isabel Chu
  • Open Team - 1st Alameda TTC, 2nd Lawton TTC, 3rd ICC the Incredibles I (Nelson, Joey, Michael, Ming), 4th Tri-Valley TTC
  • Over 40 Advanced - 4th Sammy Chu
  • Over 50 - 1st Kock Loe, 2nd Mark Johnson
  • Under 40 - 1st Nelson Yu, 2nd Wayne Kuang, 3rd/4th Michael Sung, Steven Li
  • Under 10 - 1st Anthony Chu, 2nd Victor Liu
  • Under 12 Boys - 2nd Nathaniel Chu, 3rd Anthony Chu
  • Under 12 Girls - 1st Isabel Chu, 2nd Diane Jiang
  • Intermediate Doubles - 1st Isabel Chu/Nathaniel Chu
  • U 40 Intermediate - 3rd Nathaniel Chu
  • Advanced Doubles - 1st George Zhao/Aaron Hui, 2nd Barry Or/Jason Huang, 3rd Nathaniel Chu/Sammy Chu

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