Farewell Keith

(Keith played at the Alameda tournament)

Farewell, Keith! Keith came to the Bay Area from Taiwan last year with his parents on an overseas business assignment. He showed great passion towards the sport. While most of juniors train hard during their training sessions, they go home almost right away after the training sessions. Keith was different. He stuck around to challenge big bad adults. He even came to the club when there was no group training or private lesson for him. Actually, on his last night in the USA (8/29/09), he chose to stay at the club to play. He played till the last minute when the club was closing for the night.

Chen family will move back to Taiwan today. Let's wish them well and hope they will come back soon.

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NEEL said...

Our best wishes to Keith and his family. We will all miss his animated antics that accompany his winning (or losing) points.

Good luck! - Neel

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