USATT Strategic Planning Session

The meeting will be held next week in Colorado Spring. The full attendee list is in the list. Here is the Bay Area representatives: (Or have close relationships)

  • Larry Thoman (Newgy - former BATTF title sponsor for a few seasons)
  • Dennis Davis (Palo Alto TTC)
  • Whitney Ping (BATTF player, graduated from Stanford this year)
  • Sean O’Neill (Conducted training camps this summer)
  • Carl Danner (USATT Magazine contributor and an active league player)
  • Larry Hodges (Former USATT magazine editor. Helped out the summer camp in Bay Area)
  • Rajul Sheth (ICC)
  • Richard Lee (Runs most attended tournaments in the US and the Bay Area)
  • Judy Hoarfrost (Paddle Palace - the BATTF ball sponsor since season one)
  • Bowie Martin (Butterfly - the current BATTF major sponsor)
They are the movers and shakers. If you know any of them, make sure they know your concerns.

2009 Berkeley Open

Congratulations to all winners!

Full result from NATT.

Open Singles:

  • Final: Weijian Zhang over Eugene Wang
  • Semi-finals:
    • Eugene Wang over Anal Kashyap
    • Weijian Zhang over Cheng Yi Du
  • Quarter finals:
    • Eugene Wang over Siliang Wang
    • Anal Kashyap over Barney Reed
    • ChengYi Du over Ariel Hsing
    • Weijain Zhang over Ge Jie Mai
Women's Singes:
  • 1st: Ge Jie Mai (2:3 lost to Lily, 3:1 over Ariel)
  • 2nd: Lily Zhang (2:3 lost to Ariel, 3:2 over Mai)
  • 3rd: Ariel Hsing (1:3 lost to Mai, 3:2 over Lily)
More results coming when available.

ICC California State Open Videos/Slideshows

Chen Longcan and Xiao Wei Footage