USATT Strategic Planning Session

The meeting will be held next week in Colorado Spring. The full attendee list is in the list. Here is the Bay Area representatives: (Or have close relationships)

  • Larry Thoman (Newgy - former BATTF title sponsor for a few seasons)
  • Dennis Davis (Palo Alto TTC)
  • Whitney Ping (BATTF player, graduated from Stanford this year)
  • Sean O’Neill (Conducted training camps this summer)
  • Carl Danner (USATT Magazine contributor and an active league player)
  • Larry Hodges (Former USATT magazine editor. Helped out the summer camp in Bay Area)
  • Rajul Sheth (ICC)
  • Richard Lee (Runs most attended tournaments in the US and the Bay Area)
  • Judy Hoarfrost (Paddle Palace - the BATTF ball sponsor since season one)
  • Bowie Martin (Butterfly - the current BATTF major sponsor)
They are the movers and shakers. If you know any of them, make sure they know your concerns.

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